Sean Burrows Discusses Effective Marketing Through Case Study

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( — June 8, 2015) Lehi, UT –According to Sean Burrows, an effective marketing strategy consists of a combination of Social Media, SEO and PR presence, all working in synergy to drive both web traffic and new sales. In order to show this strategy in action, Burrows recently released a 2015 Client Case Study which highlights how these three marketing tools can lead to an increase in conversion.

“Business owners come to me all the time and say they really need to get 10,000 likes on their Facebook page or please help us get on page one of Google,” Burrows explained. “But the problem is, without combining all of these tools into one effective marketing strategy, all you have is chaos. You need synergy in order to get consumers from where they are to buying your product on your website.”

Burrows went on to explain that the reason online marketing works is because everything can be measured. This means knowing where people are coming from and knowing why they are coming. In his newest case study, Burrows works with a client who is marketing a brand new device while going up against competitors which already have an established brand presence. In less than two months, his team had the client on the front page of Google. From there, the team built up the client’s social media presence, created YouTube videos and moved on to press outreach.

“Just being at the top of page one isn’t enough these days,” Burrows said. “We called magazines, blogs, radio networks, and within the next six months we created a nice digital footprint for them to show everyone they are legitimate. Without all this context we created to back up the fact that they were on page one, people would have just clicked on their website and moved on. Without credibility no one trusts you and they won’t buy your product.”

“In April, a major reporter for a major media outlet picked up my client through a Google search and gave them a call. The reporter ran a story about how their product helps people throughout the U.S. and after the story hit, we saw a huge swell of traffic on their website.”

Using Google analytics, Burrows also saw a spike in sales after the news story was released. He explained that 50 percent of sales happened the day the story broke, but almost 1/3 of sales did not occur until two to four weeks after the story.

“Without building up their Social Media and PR presence, that last 1/3 of sales would not have been possible,” Burrows discussed. “Customers trusted the client enough to come back to their site weeks later and still purchase. And without building up their SEO value and being on page one, that reporter may have never found them in the first place. Without combining these marketing strategies into one effective strategy, none of this would have been possible.”

For more information on effective online marketing strategy, see Sean Burrows on YouTube or visit his website.

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