Francis Devereux has 50,000+ Twitter Followers in Battle Over Eviction.

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( — June 3, 2015) Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — The uncertainty of whether or not she will get to stay in her home is causing a lot of anxiety for Alzheimer’s sufferer Francis Devereux.


The 88-year-old was issued an eviction notice by Bedford Estates in March and has been worried ever since. Ms. Devereux has been living at 72 Ridgmount Gardens for the past 30 years with her lifelong friend and primary tenant -Sylvia Cafferata.


Mrs. Cafferata died earlier this year and several attempts have been made on Francis’ behalf by the Cafferata siblings to retain the lease. However, Bedford Estates have not exactly been receptive about the matter. They turned down a petition by the siblings to retain the lease, and to date the company has not acknowledged a subsequent letter that was sent to them.


In an interesting twist, Bedford Estates recently announced the retirement of Steward – Mark de Rivas- on May 26, 2015.   It is not yet known who will assume the new role but it is hoped that the new Steward will exercise some leniency with the matter.


Francis’ story has sparked a lot of interest from the public. A Twitter page launched by – (a website created to gain supporters for Francis) has accumulated more than 50k followers and a designated YouTube video with details of the story has amassed more than 1,000 views.


Several media sources have also expressed interest in providing coverage of the story including the BBC, Daily Mail and The Independent.


Meanwhile, supporters  have been expressing their outrage about the situation.  Tora said, “We need to have a lot more compassion for the elderly. It’s unfair to evict an elderly lady from her home over 30 years. One day it’ll be your turn. Please reconsider Duke of Bedford.”


Another supporter, William C., commented, “Although I have some sympathy with the wish by the Duke to obtain a commercial rent for his property it sounds disappointing that this elderly and infirm lady should be evicted under such circumstances. With the best will in the world it is probably unlikely that she will need to have use of the property for a great deal of time and on that basis it might be hoped that a little more forbearance could be exercised.”


No one should have to worry about losing the place they have called home for more than 30 years, especially if they are elderly and dealing with a horrible illness as Alzheimer’s disease.


Readers are asked to remember Francis in their prayers, help spread the word, and show your support at



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