Newly Launched Math Flash Cards Ranked Number One in Amazon Search

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( — June 5, 2015) Saratoga, FL — Mathematics has been a troubling subject area for many children across America leading to high failure rates in schools.  It is with in mind that Simply Clever Cards undertook research to find a solution to this deep-rooted problem. The company soon realized that in order to improve the competency in arithmetic they could make the way in which it is taught to children more active and fun using games.  

Math flash cards by Simply Clever Cards can be used to play regular card games as well numerous arithmetic games, instructions of which are included in the manual.  The set of cards designed for helping children develop their skills in Mathematics include 52 color coded cards with Jokers, similar to a regular deck of playing cards.  

With this set of math flash cards, Simply Clever Cards intend to make Mathematics a fun learning experience for children so that they can grasp key concepts and reinforce their learning while avoiding boring repetition which often happens in the typical teacher-student setting in a classroom using traditional math flash cards

The innovative deck of math flash cards recently released on Amazon by Simply Clever Cards has achieved number one status in Amazon’s search results. The Simply Clever Math Flash Cards top the list of results for searches with the keyword “math playing cards.”

The company has since expressed delight in this achievement and also responded to the great reviews received by verified users online.  A spokesperson at the company expressed, “This is a big accomplishment for us at Simply Clever Cards.  Since we released the cards on Amazon they have been positively received by online shoppers.  We are especially moved by the great reviews and expression of satisfaction by our customers as it has been our goal to help to improve the way in which children view Mathematics and improve the competency as much as possible.”

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We help you understand boring and difficult topics by playing entertaining games. Our NEXT GENERATION EDUCATIONAL CARDS ™ combine the benefits of traditional flash cards with ordinary playing cards. Simply Clever Cards™ staff have 15 years’ experience with developing exciting learning approaches online and offline – based on educational research and tested in many countries, languages and cultures.

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