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( — June 5, 2015) Scottsdale, Arizona — June is traditionally the start of summer vacations so Poisoned Pen Press, an independent publisher of mystery novels, has unveiled three new novels and two collections of stories that will thrill and delight readers of a range of mystery genres. The books are perfectly suited for reading while vacationing at the seaside, by the lake or while just relaxing in a favorite chair.

“All of us at Poisoned Pen Press are delighted by the books we are releasing to our devoted readers in June,” said President and co-founder Robert Rosenwald. “These books range from fast-paced detective stories in modern-day settings to classic British mysteries.”

Attorney and mystery fiction books author Michael A. Kahn introduces readers to the inner workings of the fictional law firm of Abbott & Windsor as it struggles to recover from the sudden and bizarre death of its senior partner. The firm turns to Rachel Gold, a promising young attorney to unravel the mystery surrounding a trust set up in the deceased attorney’s will to care for the grave of a pet that no one knew existed. Rachel is engulfed in a mystery that uncovers blackmail, sexual depravity and murder in Grave Designs: A Rachel Gold Mystery #1.

Author Michael A. Kahn infuses his second June release with a realism that draws upon his experience as a trial lawyer and law school professor. Rachel Gold is retained by the widow of the managing partner at her former law firm. As the plot of Death Benefits: A Rachel Gold Mystery #2 unfolds, attorney Rachel searches for answers to the mystery surrounding the lawyer’s suicide and his connections to an ancient Aztec relic hidden somewhere in St. Louis. 

Author Jon Talton taps into his Arizona roots for the setting of High Country Nocturne: A David Mapstone Mystery #8. When private investigator Mike Peralta disappears, it is left to his friend and business partner David Mapstone to head out on his own into the Arizona high country outside of Phoenix to find him. Along the way, his journey takes him into a world of jewel thieves, organized crime figures and corrupt police. Readers of detective mystery books will enjoy the rapid-fire action of this modern-day thriller.

The final two offerings for June from Poisoned Pen Press feature two compilations of traditional British mysteries from editor Martin Edwards. Capital Crimes: London Mysteries: A British Library Crime Classic features the city of London as the common setting for a collection crime stories and mysteries. Included are works by Margery Alligham along with classic stories by popular and lesser known British authors. 

Apropos of June as the start of summer vacation season, or holiday as the English know it, is the release of Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries: A British Library Crime Classic. Martin Edwards has again chosen a mix of cozy mysteries and other mystery genres by well-known and widely published authors, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and writers whose works are not as widely circulated, such as Gerald Findler.


Visit the Poisoned Pen Press website for further details on the mystery novels to be released and other quality books and series from various authors.  

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Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters started Poisoned Pen Press in 1997 to focus on finding and publishing the works of new talents in the mystery genre. It specializes in giving some of the best new authors a chance to get their books published. Poisoned Pen Press has won numerous awards for living up to its goal of helping readers to “Discover Mystery.”

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