Beauty Buddys Launches Waterproof Fleece Picnic Mat On Amazon

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( — July 2, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — Beauty Buddys has recently announced the release of a new picnic mat on America’s number one online selling portal, Amazon.  The company launched a collection of picnic mats of varying colors and patterns.  Each mat has a 50 x 58 inches dimension, making them perfect for outdoor events and trips with family or friends.  

This particular picnic mat by Beauty Buddys features a soft top made from cotton fleece and a solid black waterproof back which makes them suitable for use on the beach, camping, hiking, attending concerts or sports events and just about any outdoor activity.   The underside of the mats are prevents water from seeping in from lawns or other surfaces and the soft top provides extra padding while sitting.    

This extra-large picnic mat is 100% soft fleece that can be reduced in size when folded.  The picnic mats reduces to 12 inches and has a carrying handle making them convenient for grab and go.  The picnic mat stands out on the market among regular picnic blankets as they come with fastening pegs for holding them in place during use.  Beauty Buddys includes four (4) sturdy stakes of matching colors with each picnic mat that inconspicuously holds them in place when stuck in the ground.

“This set is an amazing, said Carol S., a verified customer on Amazon.  “I live near the coast, and we enjoy going to the beach.  This blanket set is perfect for that.  It is perfect for any family outing that includes setting up a site.  I am thrilled about the blanket stakes.  I haven’t seen these before, and am very exciting about them.  They really grasp on to the blanket, and hold it firmly in place.  It’s always pretty windy here, and lying anything down goes with risk of being blown askew.

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