Winters Home Services Alerts Homeowners of Rebates for Heating Equipment Replacement

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( — June 11, 2015) Cambridge, MA –Winters Home Services, an award-winning provider of plumbing, heating, cooling and drain cleaning services to the greater Boston area, is encouraging homeowners with aging natural gas, oil or propane boilers and furnaces to consider replacement while Mass Save sponsoring utilities and energy efficiency service providers are offering significant rebates.

Mass Save’s Early Heating Equipment Replacement Rebates are back for a limited time. Homeowners may be eligible for generous rebates for replacing their inefficient boilers and furnaces (up to $4,000 for replacing a 30+ year-old boiler or up to $1,000 for replacing a 12+ year-old furnace) with more energy efficient heating equipment.

“Today’s heating systems achieve efficiencies around 98 percent. Energy costs are rising, so upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system makes sense and can lower your fuel bill significantly,” explained Tim Flynn, owner. “It’s better to plan ahead and replace your aging boiler or furnace, rather than deal with an emergency replacement when you have no heat in the middle of winter.”

When to Replace Your Furnace or Boiler

If a furnace is more than 12 years old and is constantly acting up, or breaking down, then it’s time to replace it. Additionally, with age comes the potential for cracks in the heat exchanger inside the furnace, which can leak deadly carbon monoxide. Other reasons to replace your furnace or boiler? If your basement has flooded, your heating system will most likely have irreparable damage. Or, if you have some rooms that are hot while others are cold and you have to constantly adjust the thermostat to keep the home comfortable.

Increasing costs and frequent repairs are a definite sign that your furnace or boiler’s days are numbered. Although a 30-year old boiler may still be functioning, homeowners should consider replacing it with a modern, high-efficiency model. A new, energy efficient system will not only perform better, it will ultimately save money on energy bills. Winters Home Services’ Master Technicians can provide expert advice and guidance on each system’s energy efficiency rating, output, reliability, warranty and features. They can help homeowners find the best solution for their needs, and provide a free estimate.

Maintenance is Key

Winters Home Services urges homeowners to be proactive and have annual inspection and maintenance completed to prolong your new system’s lifespan. An out of tune heating system works harder, wastes energy and actually costs more to run. During Winter’s comprehensive system tune-up, filters are changed and all is inspected to ensure optimal system performance.

Rebate Eligibility & Next Steps

For more information about Mass Save’s Early Heating Equipment Replacement Rebates and to schedule a Mass Save assessment, visit Mass Save’s website at

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