“Simply Clever Math Flash Cards Make Learning Much Easier At Home” – Joyce Duboise

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(Newswire.net — June 11, 2015) Saratoga, FL — Upon realizing the great percentage of failure rates in mathematics, the newly formed company Simply Clever Cards set out to find a viable solution that can tackle the problem at its root, from the basic stage.

Simply Clever Cards designed their pack of math flash cards with the mandate to improve the way in which math is conceived by children and taught by parents and teachers.  The cards allow children to enjoy learning math and drill certain concepts and formulas.

Similar to a regular deck of playing cards, the math flash cards include 52 color coded cards with extra “Jokers.”  The company announced that the cards can be used as a regular card pack and as a tool for teaching, learning and practicing Mathematics.

Joyce Duboise, owner of the women’s lifestyle, travel, and music blog, Women and Their Pretties, acknowledged that the Simply Clever Math Flash Cards are ideal for learning within and outside of the classroom.  Duboise experienced the effectiveness of the cards with her niece who had been having a hard time with the subject.  “She has issues understand and working out the equations,” Duboise shared.”

According to Duboise, compared to the homemade flash cards her niece had been using, the Simply Clever Math Flash Cards has made it easier for her to understand core concepts better.  Simply Clever Cards, as the brand suggests, has crafted a unique deck of cards with instructions for simple and fun activities that can help to improve the understanding concepts. 

“The cards are great for students, teachers, and parents to understand,” she said.  “They teach a little bit of everything that’s important for your little ones.  They are engaging and make learning much easier at home!  The cards make it fun to teach and easy to learn!  I think it’s cute because you can play different games with them.  

Learning is always easier when you are having a good time!  Pick up a pack of these for your child’s Back-To-School needs!”

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We help you understand boring and difficult topics by playing entertaining games. Our NEXT GENERATION EDUCATIONAL CARDS ™ combine the benefits of traditional flash cards with ordinary playing cards. Simply Clever Cards™ staff have 15 years’ experience with developing exciting learning approaches online and offline – based on educational research and tested in many countries, languages and cultures.

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