Findings Show Well Maintained Garden is High Selling Point for New Homeowners This Spring

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( — June 11, 2015) Sanford, FL — Since the beginning of spring it has been proven that more houses have been listed for sale with manicured gardens all across the country.  Houses are being sold with vibrant gardens, expansive lawns and stands of trees to expectant homeowners, these gardens are being used as a selling point to entice potential new homeowners.

MSN recently published a list of homes on sale from New York to Boston, Arizona, California, Los Angeles and Florida that corroborates this trend.  The houses include ranges of cured flower gardens, lawns and trees that add to the aesthetics and value of the properties. 

For expectant homeowners seeking to buy their dream homes with these natural aesthetics, one thing to keep in mind is that they must spend the time maintaining them. One of the tools that will be needed are gardening gloves. Monika’s Marketplace, which can be found on, has a 3 pack of breathable nylon womens garden gloves with nitrile coated palms that are ideal for light gardening.   

These garden gloves were designed for women since they find it hard to find gloves that fit and are comfortable for use during extended periods.  The gloves are made with nylon to deliberately allow proper ventilation while gardening, thus preventing sweating of hands and risks of infections.  The palms of the gardening gloves are coated with the rubber-like substance, nitrile, to prevent dirt, water and harmful pathogens to come in direct contact with hands while gardening.  

“I love the way these garden gloves feel,” shared a verified customer of the Monika’s Marketplace Garden Gloves, Joyce Duboise.  “I thought they would feel more like rubber, but they are very soft.  They fit comfortably too.  The nitrile coating protects you from cuts and scrapes, which is definitely a need when gardening.  Also, the coating doesn’t absorb any moist dirt.  After a full gardening session, my hands are still nice and clean.  These are easy to clean too.   Clean them by hand and hang them to dry and you’re good to go!” Duboise continued.

People who are looking forward to owning and maintaining a new home with gorgeous gardens are being offered a safe, efficient and easy to clean set of gardening gloves which can last them for a very long time by the recently established company, Monika’s Marketplace.

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