Gardening Gloves For Women Continue to Receive Great Reviews

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( — June 13, 2015) Sanford, FL — Shannon Tucker, an Amazon reviewer, received a of package Monika’s Marketplace Gardening Gloves in exchange for her honest review. On utilizing a pair of the gloves, Shannon Tucker remarked that the colors were attractive and very fashionable.

Shannon Tucker praised the design of the gardening gloves. “Firstly, the colors look great and [they] are very fashionable,” she said.

Tucker also admired the breathable fabric used and the fact that the bottom had a rubberized coating and acknowledged the efficiency of the garden gloves while gardening. “This helps keep your hands clean and dry while working outside in the garden,” she shared.

Monika’s Marketplace assured its customers that the gardening gloves can be safely washed with soap and water and later hung out to dry.

According to Shannon Tucker, the gardening gloves will fit perfectly for most women with a little space to wiggle the fingers and palms. The reviewer also found the gloves easy to clean.

Additionally the reviewer gave a five star rating for the gardening gloves. This is the highest possible rating that any product on Amazon can receive. This shows a high satisfaction and general high regard for the pairs of gardening gloves.

Monika’s Marketplace Gardening Gloves for Women consist of three pairs with different patterns and colors, giving an individualized look for each glove although they have the same built. The gloves are made with breathable nylon and are suitable for light gardening. The pair of gardening gloves have a premium nitrile coating which protect against thorns as well as wetness, thus avoiding any risk of injuries and possible infections.

The nitrile-coated nylon garden gloves can last for a long time as they can be washed safely in soap and water and hung to dry for use again and again.

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