TBRU’s Strengthens Its Bed Bug Battle with Modern Equipment

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(Newswire.net — June 15, 2015) Houston, Texas –Now employing industrial equipment and systems to combat the state’s bed bug problem, Texas Bugs-R-Us is ready to stop the proliferation and spread of these feared pests in any property. Bed bugs commonly infiltrate furniture, carpets, and any dark cracks or crevices they can hide in. Residences, businesses, hotels, and care facilities across Houston have been reporting more infestations than ever before in recent months. The company’s industrial equipment, including a heat treating system and an advanced industrial trailer, are leading the fight against them.

Heat Treatment

Since DDT was banned, bed bugs have found ways to flourish. Texas Bugs-R-Us’ professionals use a portable direct-fired propane heater to raise room temperatures to lethal levels for many insects. The unit is specially designed to disperse heated air. As a result, every location in the room is heated, even the most difficult places where bed bugs hide. No toxic pesticides or chemical residues are left behind. This advanced technology also eliminates the insects in a single treatment with no harm to the customer’s home or the environment.

Mobile Defense

Another line of defense in TBRU’s arsenal is the EBB-40KW Trailer. This 16-foot tandem axle trailer stores generators and four individual heaters able to treat an entire 1,400 square foot home, office, or facility. It can also store two additional heaters, which are run off house power, but which add even more muscle to the company’s bed bug defense.

Plenty of shelving and storage are available in the trailer. The system itself is built to withstand all kinds of weather and includes a towing mount and tire jack points/changing tools. These features increase reliability and allow technicians to fix flat tires and reach bed bug infestation points regardless of any challenges along the way.

Experts Are Ready for the Challenge

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-R-Us said, “Our equipment is a breakthrough in the fight against bed bugs. To get the upper hand, advanced technology is needed to solve the problem and rid Houston properties of dangerous, unwanted insects. Our goal is to effectively eliminate bed bugs, while restoring customers’ peace of mind, integrity, and reputation.”

The company offers a range of pest control services. It also provides effective termite, rodent, roach, mite, mosquito, bat, and scorpion control. Comprehensive pest control services are also available for property managers. It has served customers in Houston and the surrounding areas since 2001.


For additional tips and resource, free quotes, and more about the advanced bed bug treatment equipment used by Texas Bugs-R-Us, visit http://bugs-r-us.com/.

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