Revamped iSave Mechanical Insulation Website Goes Live

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( — June 16, 2015) Schaumburg, Illinois — Users who visit today will find a redesigned iSave Team website where they can learn all about their work with Mechanical Insulation, Fire Stopping and Hazardous Waste. Alongside these sections, visitors can access the latest news about the iSave Team and its political involvements through the “About Us” and “iSave Being Green” tabs.

One thing that certainly can’t be ignored whilst browsing the new site is its ability to be displayed smoothly and quickly on any mobile devices. For example, forms that were previously cumbersome to fill in, are now a breeze to complete.

Another intriguing aspect of the new website is the presence of social media icons which allow users to directly access iSave’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts in a matter of seconds. Be sure to give them a follow on any of these platforms to receive the latest updates and exciting content from the iSave team.

Something else to look out for on the new site is the Career Opportunities section located at the main landing page. iSave is currently on the lookout for apprentices, mechanics and technicians working within the industry. If you have the skills to make it or are looking for a new career, the iSave apprentice program is highly respected and worth investigating.

Mechanical Insulation –  a quick overview

For those of you who aren’t 100% sure what Mechanical Insulation entails, it is basically something that applies materials to mechanical services for the purpose of slowing the flow of heat energy. This heat flow can be from hot systems to cooler air surrounding the system or from cold systems pulling hear from the warmer air surrounding the cooler system

The original Green technology

The iSave mechanical insulation contractors have been practicing green technology for decades now, in fact, some contractors have been saving the United States and Canada energy for more than a century. iSave maintain that they offer skilled labor for installation and project management that other groups can only dream of. Most iSave Team members only employ workers who have completed the National Insulation Association Insulation Energy Appraisal Program and can offer mechanical insulation in any number of properties including commercial, industrial, institutional and high-rise facilities.

What mechanical insulation can do for your business

Corporations across the country have recently had their facilities energy efficiency levels analyzed. The Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now Program was a scheme that allowed companies to take part in energy assessments free of charge.

The National Insulation Association published some of the findings and they certainly make some interesting reading for anyone considering mechanical insulation for their business.

At Boise Cascade Paper Mill in Jackson AL, an estimated $80,000 per year will be saved by replacing missing piper insulation. The cost of carrying of the work was just $25,000 meaning it will pay for itself in just over 3 and ½ months.

At Dow Chemical in Hahnville LA, potential savings of $811,000 per year have been estimated thanks to replacing, repairing, and updating insulation on a steam system. The same course of action at Bayer Steam Plants in Institute WV, will achieve potential savings of an incredible $926,000 per year.

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About The iSave Team

The ISAVE Team is a consortium of specialty contractors whose main objective is to promote the mechanical insulation, firestop, and hazard waste removal industries for our contractor members. The ISAVE Team covers virtually every market in Canada and the United States. We promote the proper installation and use of mechanical insulation and firestops, along with the removal of asbestos and lead containing materials. The ISAVE Team approach to marketing our industry was developed as a result of a renewed emphasis on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy costs in the Canadian and United States markets. It is our desire to offer the market skilled workers who can safely remove asbestos and lead from commercial and industrial facilities and install mechanical insulation and firestops in these markets.

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