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(Newswire.net — June 19, 2015) Osage Beach, Missouri — Osage Beach, Missouri – Purcell Tire and Service Center has recently announced that it is making it easier to get vehicle diagnostics at its Osage Beach, Missouri location with the utilization of comprehensive auto diagnostic services via the Hunter Engineering Quick Check System. The Purcell Tire Osage Beach clientele can now get their entire vehicle checked in three minutes or less and the professionals at Purcell will recommend any services that need to be done to a vehicle.

Each report that is generated by the Quick Check System is customized for each vehicle and includes graphs that are easy to understand. The full extent of the Quick Check System covers:

  • Tire tread readings
  • Checking the brakes
  • Doing a full diagnostic of the engine
  • Tire pressure check
  • Gauging the wheel alignment
  • Checking the battery levels

“We are constantly looking for ways to expand our offering beyond simply having the best tire services in the area,” a Purcell representative said. “Now we feel that we definitely have the best auto repair Osage Beach MO residents need and the most comprehensive repair services in the area.”

Along with full brake system diagnostics, the Quick Check System can alert mechanics to any issues with engine sensors, belts, and issues with the vehicle’s electronic systems. The Osage Beach location is the second Purcell Tire and Service Center to offer this rapid and accurate service as Purcell continues its efforts to become the most comprehensive auto repair organization in Missouri.

Purcell Tire and Service Center is known for offering high quality tire repair, maintenance, and replacement services for all makes of domestic and foreign vehicles. Each Purcell location has a full staff of certified mechanics that perform routine vehicle maintenance, as well as more complicated services such as replacing shocks and struts. Purcell technicians replace hoses, check and replace belts, and offer a wide array of other basic services designed to keep each customer’s vehicle running safely and efficiently on the road.

Those who are interested in learning more about Purcell Tire and Service Center and the Hunter Engineering Quick Check System can visit the Purcell website for details or call 573-321-1263. Customers are also encouraged to stop by the Osage Beach location and get their own three-minute diagnostic check done to identify any vehicle issues before they become safety hazards.

About Purcell Tire and Service Center

Purcell Tire and Service Center started in 1936 as a tire retailer in Washington, Missouri. Today, the company has 70 locations nationwide and is one of top 10 tire retailers in the United States. Purcell locations also offer car maintenance services such as oil changes, shocks and struts, and full engine diagnostics.

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