Study Reveals London Postcodes Needing Increased Home Security Measures

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( — July 1, 2015) — According to figures that were released in the past calendar year, 2014, twelve of the twenty UK postcodes most prone to burglary are located within London. These figures are the result of homeowners looking for comparison insurance rates on the site,

 Homeowners Beware

Homeowners living in the following postcodes need to be aware of the increased danger of intrusion and should make every effort to update locks and home security systems as needed. Companies such as can have a locksmith on the property quickly so that locks can be changed or upgraded as needed.

Manchester Falls in at Number One

Surprisingly, the postcode most in danger of home burglaries isn’t in London, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that London has more than half of the top twenty postcodes prone to crime. According to the report, Manchester’s M21 postcode comes in as the one that may be the most susceptible to being victimised by burglary with Tulse Hill and Herne Hill in London’s SE24 coming in at a very, very close second.

Top Twenty Postcodes at Risk of Home Burglary

It should be said that although these are the areas that reported the most burglaries, it is not the entire postcode and it doesn’t mean that these are not lovely places to live. Actually, in some cases the reverse could be the case as burglars are more apt to target nicer homes than those in the lower end. What these statistics indicate is that homeowners in the following postcodes should make it their business to upgrade security measures.

20 – HP10 (Manchester)

19 – B24 (Birmingham)

18 – LS16 (Leeds)

17 – N16 (London)

16 – N11 (London)

15 – E9 (London)

14 – N20 (London)

13 – DN2 (Doncaster)

12 – E8 (London)

11 – B73 (Birmingham)

10 – SE27 (London)

9 – UB6 (London)

8 – N18 (London)

7 – L22 (Liverpool)

6 – L18 (Liverpool)

5 – N2 (London)

4 – RM8 (London)

3 – N10 (London)

2 – SE24 (London)

1 – M21 (Manchester)

So, if you are counting, 12 of 20 postcodes are in London, 2 in Birmingham, 2 in Manchester, 1 in Leeds, 1 in Doncaster and 2 in Liverpool. Does this mean that London isn’t a great place to live and work? Absolutely not! It just may mean that those locations are simply more alluring to thieves!

Lower Home Insurance with the Installation of Better Security

Since these figures were obtained from a home insurance comparison quote site and since home insurance cost is directly proportionate to risk, it would stand to reason that you can lower your premiums by upgrading with CCTV home security. Whether you choose to go with state-of-the-art security systems or upgrade your locks on doors and windows, it behoves you to take precautions for your own safety as well as for the chance of lowering your home insurance premiums.

Although these are not figures from 2015 as they are yet to be released, they are indicative of patterns of home burglaries so that residents in those postcodes can take necessary precautions.