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(Newswire.net — July 3, 2015) Irvine, California –On June 30, 2015, someone deliberately sliced high-capacity fiber optic cables located in Northern California, according to recent reports.  The FBI is investigating what it calls a possible “coordinated attack” involving a wave of Internet outages across Northern California, including Sacramento and Rocklin.  XRoads Network, a leading provider of bandwidth management solutions, discusses the implications of these attacks as well as ways businesses can protect themselves.

According to XRoads as seen at www.xroadsnetworks.com, “This attack seems to be the latest in about a dozen acts of vandalism over the past year directly targeting fiber optics and Internet service in densely-populated areas like the San Francisco Bay.  These attacks have not been isolated; they have affected multiple cities and numerous providers.  Furthermore, many of these businesses may be without Internet service for as much as a week.”

XRoads suggests that businesses must take this type of vandalism seriously and prepare for possible alternatives.  “Businesses must ask themselves how they could handle a week of being off the Internet.  For most, the answer is chilling.  A week of down Internet time could mean the death of many companies, particularly those that rely on the Internet for email, VoIP calls, customer relations management, etc.  Furthermore, many businesses these days keep all of their data in cloud-based storage, and their workers depend on Internet connectivity to access the information they need to do their jobs.”

However, XRoads notes that there are ways to avoid this type of problem.  “At Xroads, our solutions enable redundancy.  Even if the entire Internet service provider or ISP is affected by an outage such as this one, the business will still have access to the Internet.”

For more information on XRoads Network’s network redundancy, bandwidth management or traffic shaping, please visit the company’s website.

About XRoads Networks:  The company’s name was developed around the idea of deploying their EdgeXOS platforms at the crossroads between WAN and LAN connections. A leading developer of enterprise class WAN optimization appliances which utilize Unified Bandwidth Technology, XRoads’ solutions deliver secure and reliable bandwidth management capabilities to numerous companies and organizations, from the largest Fortune 500 companies to government organizations and educational facilities worldwide.

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