Missy’s Product Reviews Approves Simply Clever Cards’ Math Flash Cards

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(Newswire.net — July 3, 2015) Saratoga, FL — Missy’s Product Review, a well-known blog that provides its readers with honest reviews of a wide range of products, as well as giveaways, recipes and more, has recently tested and put its stamp on the Math Flash Cards by Simply Clever Cards.

The blog, owned and maintained by Melissa Botelho, suggested that the cards contribute to a positive learning experience that can improve children’s memory and understanding when it comes to arithmetic.  Botelho declared, “The easiest way to get boys and girls interested in learning is to make it fun.”  She highlighted that recent studies affirm that stimulating the pleasure center of the brains during the learning process is key to success, adding that this positive learning experience is what helps to improve the understanding and retention of key concepts in Mathematics.

The particular deck of math flash cards by Simply Clever Cards was designed to make math cool and easy for children from age 7 upwards in the classroom and as a useful homeschooling resource.  According to Simply Clever Cards, the flash cards are specifically designed to help kids and students to practice and increase their basic mathematics skills and common core standards including number comprehension, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and more.

“This deck of cards teaches math along with using to play your favorite games such as crazy eights, memory and more,” Botelho wrote.  “These cards are so much fun and I know at my age I do not use math as much as I did in 12 years of school so to brush up on my own math is great.”  

Botelho believes that this deck of math flash cards is the “next generation of educational cards” that parents and teachers can use to catch the interest of students and children while practicing and learning Mathematics.  “One of the ways to get them to learn is to get their interest,” she wrote.  She also made reference to the color and ease of use of the cards which can both contribute to grabbing and maintaining the interest of kids.  Apart from use at school or home, Botelho suggested that the deck of math flash cards can be used just about anywhere including the beach, vacation, camping, or sleep over.

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