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( — July 7, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA –According to Perry Belcher, an Internet marketing expert with years of experience in a wide range of fields, including publication and marketing of e-books. Now, Belcher brings his expertise to bear in a new video that offers advice for increasing sales rank on Amazon for e-books.

Belcher has been a strong supporter of e-books as a way of increasing income, but he also says that launching an e-book the right way is key to success. According to this video, located on the web at, Belcher says that there are several things e-book authors can do to significantly increase exposure and sales. “First, you must build anticipation for your e-book release by utilizing your social networking platforms,” Belcher says. “You could even host a virtual book launch, offering potential buyers a discount for attending and sharing the information by inviting friends. Remind buyers to leave a review, which are valuable sources of free marketing.”

Belcher goes on to say that book-specific websites should incorporate keywords versus the title of the book. In this way, those searching for specific topics will be led to the URL, even if they have never seen the name of the book. Amazon Kindle also offers great ways to publish and drive traffic to a book’s listing. Finally, Belcher advocates utilizing YouTube and Vimeo to post interviews and other material that will be easily found by search engines.

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About Perry Belcher: Perry Belcher is a web marketing specialist, author and speaker who has helped many SEO marketers make the most of their talents. He has gained success as an Internet marketer in many areas of business and regularly hosts webinars, seminars and classes to share his marketing insights with others.


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