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( — July 9, 2015) — Nationwide Debt Direct is a financial services company that is highly regarded for its consistently outstanding customer experience. In a recent feature in the Huffington Post, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey DeLage, revealed that this focused customer service approach begins right from the outset of the hiring process.

Clients offer frequent praise of the company’s services for dealing with outstanding financial obligations which often involve negotiating a significant reduction with the client’s creditors. The praise the company frequently receives is not surprising given its simple yet elegant philosophy with regard to hiring and customer service, and its praise does not solely come from clients either, as employees offer consistently positive feedback that can be found online at,33.htm .

“Hire great people and set proper expectations with each client and creditor,” says DeLage of the company’s philosophy with regard to customer service and career opportunities in the Huffington Post feature. “We don’t have any affiliates and we are a full service debt settlement company that does not outsource any of our services unlike so many others in this industry.”

DeLage further explains in the feature that the company is focused on continuing to strengthen the professional relationships it has established with clients and creditors. The company not only focuses on achieving a positive outcome for its clients through its services, but it also strives to educate and inform. The company’s laudable efforts in serving clients have also led to the availability of additional career opportunities that can be viewed online at .

“It’s critical to be responsive and proactive to ensure you’re providing your clients with the best settlement terms and providing them guidance,” says DeLage in an interview that can be viewed online at . “When our clients graduate they are more fiscally intelligent and equipped to move forward without the stress and burden that overwhelming financial liabilities place on so many families.”


About the Company: Nationwide Debt Direct is a company based in Frisco, Texas that specializes in assisting clients in the process of developing and implementing an effective strategy for eliminating all outstanding unsecured debt obligations. The company negotiates a settlement with creditors on behalf of its clients with the goal of significantly reducing the total amount of the existing obligation. The company is highly regarded for utilizing a client-centered approach that allows its team members to focus on providing a fast and positive resolution. The settlements negotiated by the company enable clients to avoid a bankruptcy filing that would result in a devastating impact on the client’s credit rating.


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