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( — July 20, 2015) Pooler , GA — Pest services company Preferred Pest Control in Savannah, GA has just released a blog titled “Latest News on Bed Bug Disease Transmission.” In it, the author discusses the latest research from the University of Pennsylvania that shows that bed bugs may be able to transmit the deadly Chagas disease to humans. The blog can be read here.


Savannah pest services company urges homeowners to treat bed bugs to reduce Chagas risk 

Until recently, the blog states, Chagas was attributed primarily to the kissing bug. But a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania shows that bed bugs may be capable of transmitting the deadly disease.


As bed bug rates in the Savannah, Ga., and throughout the country are soaring, Preferred Pest Control urges homeowners to act vigilantly to keep bed bugs out of their homes, and to have any sign of bed bugs treated as soon as possible by a professional pest services company.

What is Chagas Disease?

Chagas is a disease that can affect tissues around the heart, which increases a person’s chances of dying from heart disease. Chagas has long been a deadly epidemic in Central and South America, but it has now been seen in other countries, including the United States.


Chagas presents itself in two stages. Stage 1 lasts for about two months after the initial infection and consists of either no symptoms or mild symptoms such as swelling of one eye, fever, headache, enlarged lymph nodes and muscle pain.


In stage 2, the chronic phase, the parasites transmitted from the bed bug or kissing bug are hidden mainly in the heart and digestive muscles. This can cause cardiac and digestive disorders and neurological symptoms. In later years, the infection can lead to sudden heart failure.


Chagas can be treated if it is discovered early enough.

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