Math Learning Game from Simply Clever Cards Can Also Be Used As A Children’s Fraction Toy

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( — July 9, 2015) Saratoga, FL — The deck of fifty-two, features four sets of cards numbered from 0 to 12, in red, yellow, blue and green. The cards also have five other numbers, which are used as answers for multiplying the main numbers, ranging from 0-144. Learning Math is improved with the flashcards as the challenging games make it interesting while developing problem solving and decision-making and critical thinking skills.

“These cards are very bright and colorful and have multiple uses and games and can be used with both of my children who are 4 years apart, and that is very nice!” exclaimed Nifty Thrifty in a product review on Amazon.

With fifteen years experience and educational research, Simply Clever Cards operate under the mandate of helping children and students to learn Math in a fun way and has cleverly done so by merging the function of math flash cards with that of playing cards.There are several games that can be played with these math cards such as addition and multiplication War, Crazy Eights and Go Fish. The cards can even be used a children’s fraction toy, as they allow work with fractions from 1/12 and up.

 With each deck, Simply Clever Cards includes a downloadable booklet which explains how these games are played, as well how to use the cards as a regular deck of playing cards for playing UNO and Old Maid. Upon launching the math flash cards, the company has suggested that parents and teachers can use the cards to enhance the Math learning experience for their kids.

These unique math flash cards can be purchased on Amazon at a highly competitive price. Unsatisfied customers can enjoy a one hundred percent money back guarantee from Simply Clever Cards within 30 days of purchase.

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We help you understand boring and difficult topics by playing entertaining games. Our NEXT GENERATION EDUCATIONAL CARDS ™ combine the benefits of traditional flash cards with ordinary playing cards. Simply Clever Cards™ staff have 15 years’ experience with developing exciting learning approaches online and offline – based on educational research and tested in many countries, languages and cultures.

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