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( — July 9, 2015) Osaka, Osaka-fu — SurgingLife has been committed to enhancing wellbeing of people the world over since its inception. Through the various resources including free to use meditation and relaxation videos, along with wellbeing information, relaxation mp3 audio tracks and CDs, it has been reaching ever further out into the lives of those desiring positive life change.


The latest piece to be released by SurgingLife is a piece that includes the use of pure nature sounds. Following user feedback and requests for such meditation videos the decision was taken that including high quality 4k relaxation videos with such soundtracks would be a good idea, and that it would enable a wider reach and greater opportunity for enhancing the lives of people through relaxation and homeostasis.


This new piece features sunlit Cherry blossom, filmed in Kyoto Japan, as the focal point of the piece. Viewers of this new 10 minute meditation video can use the piece as an aid to stress relief and release through absorbing in the visuals and sounds, enjoying the calm that comes from just allowing themselves to watch as the Sakura (The Japanese term for Cherry Blossom) shifts in the breeze, and the birds sing out with their post sunrise song.

SurgingLife Extends Commitment To Users Wellbeing

This latest release is also a further extension to the commitment of SurgingLife to aiding users achieve homeostasis, a natural state of balance that comes naturally though is a challenge for many due to modern living conditions. The founder and those working for the organisation hold true to the knowledge that aiding users to achieve stress relief is a key component in helping them to positively change their lives, with joyful living and good health being easy to achieve thereafter.

Scientific Proof That Stress Relief Is Important For Healthy Living

This is something which is backed up by a recently published study from Russia regarding the effects of workplace stress on women aged 25 to 64. The study which took place over a period of 16 years, from 1994 to 2010, within the Novosibirsk district and followed the WHO MONICA-psychological program framework concluded “The stress-related HR (hazard ratio) of MI (myocardial infarction) and stroke was 3-2 times higher than in those without high-level stress.” more can be found on this via the NIH at The key point being that achieving quality stress relief on a regular basis is important for those who desire a happy and healthy experience of life.

Achieving Stress Relief Is Easy With Modern Technology

The continued expansion of short 10 minute pieces for users to meditate and relax with offers everyone an opportunity to easily access quality stress relief on a regular basis. With smartphones and their ability to connect to the internet and sites such as YouTube, the opportunity for easy access to resources that aid stress release is higher than ever. Such devices also give users the opportunity to calm their minds, achieving balance and homeostasis easily whilst on breaks at work, or while commuting on the bus or train. Something which can aid them in achieving a more joyful day.


This latest stress relief 10 minute meditation resource can be found at and also via the SurgingLife YouTube channel. People are also recommended to discover more on the importance of achieving the state of homeostasis, information and resources regarding this are available via which can aid them in achieving positive life change and joyful living.

About SurgingLife

SurgingLife brings aid for everyone seeking positive life change. For those who have been wondering what they can do in order to realise a far more positive lifestyle and a good quality of life, this site is the place to get the help needed. Drawing from meditation, essential oils, ho’oponopono and a wide variety of other things there is solid ground to make meaningful life changes. The website can be found at


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