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( — July 9, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA –Perry Belcher has been a principle contributor at Idea Incubator for many years. His marketing genius, frequent book publications and years of experience in web development and advertising have led him to become a mentor to those who are seeking advice on owning a business. Having owned several businesses himself, Belcher is well-qualified to give advice to those who are embarking on entrepreneurship for the first time as well as those who are trying to increase the efficiency and sales of their current businesses.

Located at, Belcher offers advice on copy writing, marketing strategy and host of other topics through is company, Digital Marketer. “I have sold more than $50 million in goods and services online,” notes Belcher, “and along the way I have learned many things about paid traffic, split testing and other digital marketing techniques. We stand behind the company’s tagline, ‘It’s Just Smarter,’ because we offer widely-focused delivery of test-based information and tactical online best practices. Our company shows customers what truly works and what is not worth their time.”

Digital Marketer and Perry Belcher are dedicated to providing clients with the right solutions to any online marketing issues. With the help of a number of professional collaborators and experts, Belcher and his team provide clients with the very best in digital marketing and web development options.

About Perry Belcher: Perry Belcher is a web marketing specialist, author and speaker who has helped many SEO marketers make the most of their talents. He has gained success as an Internet marketer in many areas of business and regularly hosts webinars, seminars and classes to share his marketing insights with others.


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