US Pilot Flushed Bullets Down the Airplane Toilet

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( — July 10, 2015) — As if there were not enough negative media attention right now for United Airlines, an investigation has been launched looking into one of its pilots for flushing pistol ammo down an airplane toilet, the Guardian reported.

Reportedly, the US pilot flying United Airlines en-route to Germany, threw bullets into a trash can and then flush them down the toilet.

According to the report, the pilot got scared that he might get into trouble due to Germany’s strict laws on guns.

The Transportation Security Administration is currently in charge of an investigation; however, the airline officials also reported they are investigating the case. Investigators said that the very experienced captain from Texas, realized before landing to Munich from Houston that he had bullets in his bag. Giving that the Germany has a strict law on guns and ammunition, he tried get rid of the bullets before landing.

As cited by AP, the Aviation Herald published a story saying that it is legal in the US for a captain to carry a gun, as a last line of defense against hijackers or terrorists. Reportedly, the captain didn’t bring his gun onto the plane, but he forgot to take the bullets out of his bag.

According to the report, the captain first dumped the bullets in a rubbish bin. However, the ammunition was later found by a flight attendant, who was looking through trash on the aircraft in search of a ring that had been lost. After the flight attendant reported the incident to the captain, he went for the more drastic matter, flushing them down the toilet.

Fearing that the flight attendant would report the incident, or that the German police would somehow figure it out, he reported everything to the German airport security.

“He did incorrectly dispose of the ammunition,” May said, according to AP, “but it is likely that the pilot is not going to face any criminal charges.” She added he was still employed by United, but would not say if he had been suspended.

After the passengers had disembarked, the captain followed instructions from the ground control and taxied to a remote part of the airport, where the waste tanks were emptied to find the bullets.

It is not known if the pilot was sent to join the search team in the waste tanks counting the bullets.