Wyndimar Officially Launches in June 2015

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(Newswire.net — July 13, 2015) Manhattan Beach, CA –When a buyer is looking to purchase a new home, features such as the color, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and even the price are only a few factors that are taken into consideration. Buyers also want to consider the community the home is in and whether or not it is central to activities that occur on a daily basis, including parks where children and families can play, schools and restaurants. Wyndimar understands that those searching for a home are looking for more than just a house, which is why the company has announced the launch of its lifestyle property search platform in June 2015.

“There are plenty of reasons why someone chooses a specific location to live in,” says Customer Service Manager Nicole Kelly. “Factors like proximity to family, friends and work, home type and price range all play large roles, but the one thing just about every home buyer looks for in their new home is whether or not their neighborhood fits into their lifestyle. Whether you have a favorite local coffee shop you have to be close to, a certain shopping mall, park, school, or local sports club, whatever the case may be, finding the right neighborhood is just as important as finding the right house. That is why we created Wyndimar, to help people find the perfect home rather than the perfect house.”

The company as seen at http://wyndimar.com provides homebuyers with a search platform for homes in the Orange County area based on number of beds and bathrooms, price, square footage and lifestyle categories. These lifestyle categories as seen at http://wyndimar.com/lifestyle vary based on the buyer and range from shopping, entertainment, groceries, bars, health, schools, recreation and much more.

According to Kelly, “Our mission is to make sure homebuyers have the easiest possible time searching for homes based on their lifestyle rather than just the houses themselves. If you live somewhere that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, even if it is a house that has the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage, you simply won’t be as happy.”

For more information on Wyndimar visit http://wyndimar.com/for-sale/.

About Wyndimar: Wyndimar is a California-based property search platform that focuses on a homebuyers lifestyle as much as the house they are searching for. The company caters to the needs of homebuyers and sellers alike by providing a search platform that locates homes specifically based on the lifestyle they desire. Wyndimar offers a number of lifestyle categories with its home searches, including shopping, bars, entertainment, schools, groceries and more.


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