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( — July 14, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — The official representative for the Nevada based company, Neil Speight, has just recently confirmed the launch of the company’s 2nd sports accessory, which according to Neil, should be available on the Amazon Marketplace some time this month. The brand-new Freddie and Sebbie sports accessory is referred to as an insulated BPA free stainless-steel water bottle, with the capacity to hold 27 ounces or 750ml of liquid refreshment. The announcement was made during a recent online press meeting, when Neil described why the Nevada based business had taken a new approach to the products they are currently selling on their Amazon storefront.


The company spokesman verified that Freddie and Sebbie is presently investing their energy and time into expanding their range of sports devices on offer. The present range of accessories found specifically on the Freddie and Sebbie Amazon shop currently reaches 20. The initial business approach exposes that Freddie and Sebbie was originally a manufacturer of quality, well-priced devices, specifically designed with parents’ requirements in mind. Neil explained in the press conference just why Freddie and Sebbie had actually decided to expand on their accessories options, adding: “We had become so overloaded with feedback about our products from moms and dads on the Amazon Marketplace, that we decided to concentrate on their own personal daily needs too.”


During the press conference, Neil also confirmed that alongside their insulated sports water bottle, the Freddie and Sebbie sports cooler bag would be offered to buy on the Amazon Marketplace within the next few days. Described on the Amazon Marketplace as a luxury insulated sports soft cooler bag, perfect for carrying food to the beach, on a picnic, rambling, trekking, camping, or even for a family BBQ, the extra-large sports cooler bag measures as 10.5″ deep, 8″ wide, and 10.5″ long.


Neil stated that the cooler bag has 4 large liquid refreshment holders, which act as the perfect accompaniment to their latest addition to the range, their insulated sports water bottle. He included: “As soon as the last Amazon item checks have been finished, clients waiting to get their hands on our cooler bag will be able to go ahead, and purchase it. I’d like to take this opportunity to send our sincere apologies to existing consumers who have actually been flooding our consumer support team with demands for news about availability for our latest items.”


More information about the insulated sports water bottle and the Freddie and Sebbie extra large cool bag can be discovered on the Freddie and Sebbie main website,









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