G7-Solutions’ Copper Fit Knee Sleeves Proven to Provide Warming Therapy

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(Newswire.net — July 15, 2015) Tby, Tby — The Copper Fit Knee Sleeves by G7-Solutions are said to be able to provide such warmth to ease pain.

“I alternate between walking and step aerobics for exercise and have been having a hard time because of a knee strain. This knee sleeve gave me just the right level of support, kept my joint warm, and after just a few days I’m almost back to my pre-injury workout” said Cate612 after purchasing a Copper Fit Knee Sleeve.

Infused with copper, which provides the warmth, these sleeves are believed to increase recovery speed and relieves pain in the joint during rehabilitation and aids in regaining muscle strength after an injury. The copper-infused Copper Fit Knee Sleeve also applies enough grip and compression to stay in place during activities while treating swelling and soreness in the knee.

“This Copper Fit Compression Sleeve has worked wonders. The swelling on her knee has visibly gone down and she’s not in as much pain. It’s much easier for her to get around and out of bed with this on. It’s very easy to put on and doesn’t smell like most knee braces do. The material is very breathable so you don’t get sweaty underneath,” said Shalyn Roberts, whose mother-in-law experiences severe knee pain.

Additionally, Copper Fit Sleeves are breathable and absorbs moisture, keeping knees fresh without emitting an odor. They are believed to be comfortable enough to be worn for the entire duration of a week with no complaints.

The Copper Fit Knee Sleeve and other G7-Solutions products are all available for purchase on Amazon. The knee sleeves are available in four different sizes and come with a 100% money back guarantee.

About Get7solutions

G7-solutions focuses on providing hygienic copper-wear garments for health, sports and an outdoor life style. An eBook with useful information is provided with each product to add more value for the consumer. Further information about the Copper Compression Knee Sleeve and other G7-Solution products can be found on the company’s website Get7solutions.com.


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