HypoallergHypoallerenic Microfiber Towel Considered Suitable for People at Risk of Sunburn

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(Newswire.net — July 16, 2015) St. Saviours, St. Saviours — Based on its hypoallergenic nature, the new quick dry microfiber towel from Bodi Hut is considered to be suitable for people who may face the problem of sunburns during the season. The product was recently released on Amazon and has attracted a number of shoppers in short time since its release. Users who decided to leave a review have lauded the microfiber towel for its large size, high rate of absorbency and gentleness on the skin.

“This towel is a good sized body towel, great for all your towel needs. It absorbs really well and dries really fast making it great for swimming or at the beach. I love the softness against my skin, it doesn’t get stiff as terry cloth therefore it doesn’t scratch the skin. It is easy to wash and holds its color really well,” said Margo Jimenez, a verified Amazon reviewer.

To prevent sunburn, people often use sunblock and skin creams to protect their skin. However, sunburn may still be experienced by many people and using towels to dry the skin, which are rough, may cause further irritation. Bodi Hut’s quick dry microfiber towel is not only made from the highest quality microfiber but is also designed by combining split microfibers within a multi-strand fabric. This allows it to not only be highly absorbent but provides superior gentleness on the skin while maintaining the skin’s pH balance and minimizing the risk of irritation.

Top features of the gentle microfiber quick dry towel include its ability to dry 287% faster than conventional towels and taking up 89% less space when folded. It also wrings out 90% dry within minutes and is 60% lighter than cotton towels. People with sensitive skin or those who want to prepare for the possibility of sunburns during the summer may consider the microfiber towel from Bodi Hut.

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The Bodi Microfiber Towel is an extra-large, super absorbent, quick dry towel perfect for travel, sports, beach, boats and other activities. Each Amazon customer receives a free breathable carrying case to store the towel or easily carry on the go. The purchase is backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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