Top Signs of a Summer Pest Infestation: What Signs Are You Missing in NJ?

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( — July 15, 2015) –We consulted with Pest Control Professionals, UltraPro, for where and what to look for when it comes to rooting out a pest problem. If you notice any of these signs below, contact a pest control service immediately to solve your problem.


Where to Look


  • Kitchen. Home to your dirty dishes, your stored food, and littered with traces of crumbs and food bits, the kitchen should be ground zero on your search for a pest problem. Your kitchen may be serving as a cafeteria to a variety of varmints including ants, rodents, meal moths and other common pantry invaders that are hunting for a meal in your home.


  • Bedrooms. Where you want pests the least. The imagery of creepy crawlers climbing all over you as you sleep is enough for most to consider setting their house on fire and starting over on a deserted island with miles of ocean between them and the nearest spider. Instead of sleeping with one eye open, do the due diligence and scour your room for signs of uninvited guests.



  • Storage spaces. All that junk you have shoved away in the attack or stacked up in the garage has probably gone untouched and unnoticed for some time. You probably assume that insects have already claimed the nooks between the boxes as home, and anything that is buried beneath is a lost cause. But abandoning those cluttered items only lets any existing infestation grow – you want to stop it while you can.


The Signs That Your Home Is Being Occupied By Pests

1) Gnawed Food Marks and Holes. Torn, scratched or shredded open food packaging often indicates that a pest has been eating at your stored goods. If you find evidence that your foods have been tampered with, throw away them away. If anything is salvageable, place the clean pantry goods into airtight glass or plastic containers to prevent future infestations. Take notice of small holes in the walls and floors, placing keen attention garbage areas are also giveaways of an infestation. Oh, and wires. It is pretty common to find a cooked rat near a chewed up wire, and that’s because they love to gnaw on them. Look behind your TV stand through that mangled mess of wires to see if any have mini bite marks.
2) Pest Droppings. What goes in must come out. After feasting on your pantry food, the criminals may leave some presents behind. This could span cupboards, under appliances and furniture, behind boxes and into all areas that rarely see the any light. If you spot any droppings or traces, this is the time to call in a pest control specialists. They can identify the infestation and even track the trail back to the source.
3) Nesting Materials. Rodents that are taking up rent in your home will use shredded paper, fabric or insulation as nests. Actually, rats and mice will make nests out of anything available to them, so if its bundled up and out of place, it may be a nest.
4) Unusual Holes or Sawdust Piles. Termites: what any home owner fears the most. Rats may be icky and gross, but termites and carpenter ants will end up costing you the most of they go unnoticed. They’re incredibly hard to spot so keep an eye out for small piles of sawdust or a powdery residue near woodwork such as windowsills or molding in your home. If your floors seem to sag, or you’re the wood is blistered or wavy, that may be another sign of an infestation.
5) Odd Smells and Sounds. Trust your senses. Smell musty? Could be bed bugs. Smell like urine or ammonia? Could be rats…or your roommate cleaning the mess from his drunken stupor the night before. Whichever, if something smells afoul is just may be. Also keep an ear to ground, and to the walls. You may here critters scurrying around beneath the floorboard of your house
6) Dried Blood Flecks. Bed bugs eat blood and poop blood. If you see tiny specs all over your 1500-thread count Egyptian sheets, this could be a sign you aren’t sleeping alone.
7) Wings or Carcasses. It’s normal to occasionally find shed wings or insect carcasses around your home, but if there are many bugs of the same species, they probably live on the property.
8) Nearby Breeding Grounds. Your home may be the cleanest on the block, but if the surrounding properties seem a bit skeptical they may pass on their rodent problems to your house. Even for those secluded lake side, still water may pose a big mosquito problem in the summer months.



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