Just-Brill’s Digital Thermometers Noted for Giving Accurate Temperature Readings

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(Newswire.net — July 17, 2015) Brighton, East Sussex — The digital thermometer has found huge favor with buyers on the large shopping portal with the product receiving #1 Best Seller Status and many purchasers praising the accuracy of the device.

The digital thermometer is very easy to use and gives a fast and accurate reading in only a few seconds. The user simply turns the unit on using the soft touch button located at the rear of the device. The device is then placed in the patient’s ear and the scan button is pressed. There is no need to hold down this button, just press and release. The unit then gives a beep once the temperature is taken, after which the reading can be viewed on a digital display. The unit turns off automatically after it goes through a period of one minute of inactivity.

According to Just-Brill, their new digital thermometer is more accurate than similar products on the market because it takes internal head temperatures. The DigiThermo measures the internal temperature from inside the head by way of the ear drum. It uses the latest technology in infrared lasers, which help to provide true and precise internal temperature readings. Other devices take surface readings such as forehead temperatures, which have been found to be inaccurate in many instances. An internal temperature is recommended by healthcare professionals and is the type required by doctors who initially take in patients.

The Digital Thermometers by Just-Brill take readings in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also has a ten reading recall. Additionally, the digital thermometers possess a convenient soft-touch scan button that means there is less chance of disturbing the patient whom the temperature is being taken from.

Just-Brill’s Digital Thermometers are available for a competitive price on Amazon and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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