Just-Brill’s Digital Thermometer Said to Be More Convenient than Conventional Thermometers

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(Newswire.net — July 19, 2015) Brighton, East Sussex — The thermometer is called DigiThermo and is available for use on babies, infants, older children and adults.

This digital thermometer uses the latest technology in digital thermometers by utilizing an infrared sensor. With a number of different kinds of thermometers available on the market, the infrared sensing type is considered to be the best because it portrays accuracy, ease of use, dependability and speed. Additionally, Just Brill’s digital thermometer is the type of thermometer that is recommended by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals due to the fact that it takes internal temperature readings from the ears.

Other types of thermometers such as mercury based glass thermometers or temporal forehead thermometers are said to be less accurate on average. This is either due to reader error (in the case of the mercury thermometer) or imprecise readings from external temperatures (in the case of the forehead thermometer). Additionally mercury based glass thermometers are risky to utilize with babies and infants as the glass can easily crack and break with sudden pulls, jerky movements and increased activity.

Other places recommended by doctors to provide more accurate temperature readings include in the mouth, under the armpit and in the rectum. However, the unease of babies and infants has proved a deterrent for many parents. The digital thermometer from Just-Brill uses an ideal and convenient place – the external ear canal. In fact, according to Just-Brill, infrared ear thermometers are the most accurate if properly utilized in taking temperatures.

One of the benefits of this digital thermometer is the speed of temperature readings, with accurate readings requiring only a few seconds. Additionally, unlike other products, this thermometer does not require probe end caps as the device only requires being wiped clean after use.

Just-Brill’s new digital baby thermometers are currently available on Amazon and come with a full lifetime guarantee.

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