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( — July 22, 2015) Palm Desert, CA –Emily A. Benjamini, a criminal defense attorney in Palm Desert, notes that hiring an attorney for a DUI might seem a waste of money to some, but failing to do so often results in unintended consequences. “While you are allowed to represent yourself in a DUI case, it is not always wise to do so,” she says. Her firm, Benjamini Law, offers representation to those facing all types of criminal charges. However, DUI is one of the most common types of crimes she addresses.

“DUI charges have changed over the years,” she stated in a recent interview. “In more than 20 years of practicing law, I have seen DUI penalties increase tremendously in terms of minimum jail times, fines and other consequences. Therefore, it is important to understand that even a first-time DUI conviction can have serious repercussions for anyone who is charged.”

She goes on to note that those who have an attorney often see charges lowered or even dropped, although there is no guarantee that hiring a lawyer will result in a dismissal of charges. However, she points out that having an attorney increases the accused person’s chances of being treated fairly and understanding the foundation of the charges against him or her as well as discovering flaws in the prosecution’s case.

Benjamini Law, as seen at, offers representation to clients charged with DUI as well as those who are facing other criminal matters. For more information, see the firm’s website.

About Benjamini Law: Emily A. Benjamini has more than 20 years of experience representing clients charged with all types of crimes, including DUI, violent crimes, drug charges, sex crimes, theft and juvenile matters. Her practice is limited exclusively to criminal law, allow her to develop an in-depth understanding of the legal code and a network of connections within the criminal justice system that benefits her clients. The firm serves clients throughout Eastern Riverside County, including the Coachella Valley, Banning, Blythe, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Coachella, Indio, La Quinta, and the surrounding areas of San Bernardino County that make up the Morongo Basin and Joshua Tree.


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