New Dog Raincoat Increases Likelihood Of Black Dogs Being Adopted

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( — July 29, 2015) Naples, FL — Children have always been warned against wearing dark clothes at night because their visibility is significantly decreased. Unfortunately, dogs of a dark color have a naturally low visibility at night and in poorly lit conditions but have no control over it. Dark colored dogs in shelters have been passed over for several reasons corresponding with the dark appearance. This phenomenon called, Black Dog Syndrome has been observed in pet shelters across the United States.

A study conducted for Petfinder listed that it happens for a combination of reasons including dimly lit kennels. Poorly lit kennels make it difficult to see or notice the animal and its facial expression which many potential dog owners use as basis for adoption.

Forgotten Paws has also listed that dark colored dogs are looked over because they blend into the background. By extension, if a black dog is outdoors during the night, it would very difficult to see it. 

It is with this lack of visibility in mind that Twilight Dog designed their reflective dog vest.  Pet owners such as AMZJunkie, a verified Amazon user, are pleased with the way the vests helps to make their dogs more visible especially on the road. “It is very reflective and makes me so much more comfortable when I’m walking her in the evening knowing that she can be seen (she’s mostly black so she can be hard to see in dim light or in the dark),” AMZ Junkie shared.

The Twilight Dog reflective vest for dogs is able to highlight dogs in poor lighting during the daytime and especially a night. The vest is made with bright, highlighter yellow material with and is available in small, medium and large sizes.

Purchases of the reflective vest for dogs can be made on Amazon where it is listed consistently among the top ten Best Seller in its category. The Twilight Dog offers a 100% money back guarantee with each purchase as well as a matching reflective Velcro band for customers.

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Twilight Dog is a company based in Naples, Florida USA. We sell Reflective Dogs Vests to protect you and your treasured pets if there is poor visibility or to protect them from the elements. Twilight Dog protects your dogs from being in danger while walking when it’s not not light out because now you are visible to cars. These vests keep you safe even if you and your pooch are tramping around in the woods.

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