Practical Pet Accessory Designed To Prevent Dangerous Accidents While Hunting

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(— July 30, 2015) Naples, FL — The hunting season can be a fun time of the year to bond with family members and get some exercise outdoors. It can also be a good chance to have hunting dogs become a useful member of the extended family. However hunting accidents tend to happen yearly if the dogs aren’t equipped in the right protective gear. This is one of the reasons why Twilight Dog has created the Reflective Vest For Dog.

The vest for dog can act as a safety vest for hunting. It can become a dog hunting coat because it provides high visibility during the activity. The protective vest has reflective strips on a bright yellow material. This makes the dog that wears it clearly visible in shady forested hunting areas and against dark bushy backgrounds.

Now dog owners can feel secure that their pets are safe against accidents during the hunting season. Dogs may inadvertently be shot as game during the hunting but while wearing the vest for dog this can be prevented. Dogs also tend to roam around and trudge through muddy and dirty areas and bogs but the vest for dog can protect the dogs and keep them clean and dry.

The hunting season may also have rainy weather or even snow. The vest for dog becomes a dog raincoat and stops dogs from getting wet and subsequently having a smelly coat in these instances.  The dog raincoat therefore helps to eliminate the requirement to give dogs extra baths to get clean. By extension it prevents the possibility of dogs getting ill from moving around in wet weather while hunting.

According to Twilight Dog, the vest for dog is lightweight and adjustable. This makes it an ideal protective gear for hunting. It can fit dogs weighing between 60-130lbs and has an adjustable Velcro strap to give a snug fit. It fits around the chest area of dogs at 32-36 inches and is 17.5 inches in length from neck to bottom.

Every reflective vest for dog comes with a matching Velcro band that dog owners can wear. The band has a similar bright yellow color and reflective nature. This means that not only are dogs protected during hunting but also the owners.

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Twilight Dog is a company based in Naples, Florida USA. We sell Reflective Dogs Vests to protect you and your treasured pets if there is poor visibility or to protect them from the elements. Twilight Dog protects your dogs from being in danger while walking when it’s not not light out because now you are visible to cars. These vests keep you safe even if you and your pooch are tramping around in the woods.

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