Romar Supply Weld Fittings Meet ANSI and ISO Standards

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( — July 28, 2015) Irving, TEXAS –Romar Supply, the leading mechanical, process piping, fabricator, and mechanical contractor in Texas, reveals its weld fittings line meets the ANSI B16.5 standard. Also ISO approved, the fittings meet the pressure/temperature ratings specified in the 1996 standard which was last revised in 2013. It covers flanges in sizes from NPS ½ to NPS 12, and rating class designations 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, and 1500. Romar’s fittings come in many different varieties and in a number of alloys.

Compliance with these standards means the company’s fittings meet all applicable regulations. Their operational benefits also reflect industry best practices. Cost and safety benefits are also realized. Weld fittings in Romar Supply’s catalog include carbon steel, long and short radius 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, tees, reducing tees, and concentric and eccentric reducers. Caps, wye laterals, 180 degree return bends, and 3R 90/45 fittings are available as well.

In addition, the mechanical contractor offers fitting schedules STD, XH, XXH, S 120, and S 160. Its range of alloy materials for fittings include Alloy 20 and Chrome Moly – WP11, WP22, and WP91. Weld fittings are also provided in aluminum, Hastelloy, and Inconel.

“By complying with the latest standards, our organization ensures industry contractors, manufacturers, and other customers receive the highest quality products produced using modern guidelines and best practices,” Mark Adair of Romar said. “Our weld fittings are all ISO approved and meet the newest ANSI B16.5 standard.”

A Leading Mechanical Supplies Contractor

Romar has made a business out of supplying industry standard fittings, pipe, valves, and steel. Its industrial fabrication services are based at a state-of-the-art 116,000 square foot facility in Irving, Texas. Customers save money on even the largest jobs. All finished products are fabricated to their exact requirements. A total warehouse volume of over 136,000 square feet means the company is ready to meet any need.
Centralized and Ready to Serve

From its centralized location, Romar Supply can serve customers throughout North, South, and Central Texas. The company is also able to provide Southern Oklahoma customers with top-notch products and fabrication services. A team of 61 employees of this women-owned, private small business helps reinforce its mission of being a full-service, high-quality supply house and fabricator. Partnerships with respected contractors include Merit Brass, Dodson Steel, and Anvil Corporation.

Learn more about Romar’s ANSI and ISO certified weld fittings; stainless steel pipe, flanges, and valves; and fabrication services by visiting the mechanical contractor online at

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Romar’s mission is to be a full-service, high-quality supply house and fabricator that caters to the needs of contractors, manufacturers and other current and prospective customers across Texas and Oklahoma.

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