Another Unexplained Death of a Jailed Black Woman

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( — July 28, 2015) — Cleveland, Ohio – After the unexplained suicide of 28-year-old Sandra Bland in a Baltimore County jail, another black woman, Ralkina Jones, has been found dead in her prison cell at a Cleveland-area jail, USA Today reported.

According to a police report, the autopsy “revealed no suspicious injuries.” Her family, however, claims she was “perfectly fine” a day before she was found unresponsive in her bed.

“She was perfectly fine,” the sister of Ralkina Jones, 37, told the news website, explaining she had a conversation with Ralkina the evening before she died.

“She didn’t complain of nothing, saying she was hurting or anything,” Renee Ashford said.

“You can’t just tell me one minute I seen my sister, then the next day she dead. That don’t even make sense. And it’s just, ‘I can’t help you. I can’t tell you.’ Like, no. That’s un-human,” Renee argued, adding that family demands to know why Ralkina died.

According to the police report, the body of Ralkina Jones was found during the morning callout. The report explains details of Ralkina Jones arrest and the condition she was found “during a routine jail check of prisoners.”

“Squad personnel were unable to locate any vital signs and it was determined by CHFD paramedics that Ms. Jones was deceased.”

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner is now investigating the cause of woman’s death, the police report reads. The report also stated that the “autopsy was completed” Monday and “revealed no suspicious injuries.”

“The exact cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner pending further studies,” the report concludes.

Jones was arrested Friday after a confrontation with her ex-husband. She was taken into custody “on charges on felonious assault, domestic violence and child endangerment,” police said.

Although the family of the deceased woman claims she was in perfect condition, the Cleveland police report reveals Jones “was being treated for several medical conditions that were documented during her intake process and she administered her prescribed medication as directed.”

On Saturday, the jail’s administrator “observed Ms Jones to be lethargic” and called emergency services. She was transported to the hospital, and then sent back to jail a few hours later due the conclusion she was fine.