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( — July 30, 2015) Porter Ranch, CALIFORNIA — Kevin Harrington is one of the stars of the hit ABC series Shark Tank, and every week viewers tune in to enjoy his wit and wisdom.  Now, Harrington has put many of his ideas and business tips to paper with his new book Key Person of Influence:  The Five-Step Method to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry.  He recently discussed his book in an interview on Business Innovators Radio, talking about the key rules of becoming highly valued in any industry.

Before he became known for his entertaining and suspenseful offers on Shark Tank, Harrington was already well known in business circles.  He built dozens of companies and is credited with the invention of the “infomercial,” a popular format for selling key products on television.  He was a key creator of the “As Seen on TV” channel and used this medium to sell more than $4 billion worth of products.  His admirers have dubbed him “the embodiment of business innovation.” 

In the interview regarding his book, Harrington broke down some basic rules for building a successful business.  As he has noted, “My system allows business owners to establish prominence in any market and ultimately boost sales by five or tenfold through the power of scalability.”  According to Harrington, becoming a “key person of influence” is critical for the entrepreneur who wants to be successful.  “There are dozens of people out there who can do what you do.  You have to establish yourself as a key person in your field. I have established five steps that, if you follow, you will become a key person who influences your business and your industry.”

These five principles include:  having a perfect “pitch” for a company or idea; seeking the help of mentors; appearing in as many locations as possible as an expert; changing to a global mindset; and partnering with someone with complementary skills. 


To hear the entire interview, visit The book is available on Amazon at 


About Kevin Harrington:  Kevin Harrington is a successful entrepreneur and key participant in ABC’s Shark Tank.  He has made more than $4 billion in commercial sales through dozens of businesses and is the author of books on becoming a successful business person. 

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