Newly Launched Gold Star Selections’ Chalk Markers Transform Holiday Decorating

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( — July 30, 2015) Caledon, Caledon — These broad tip chalk markers are rapidly becoming useful as a way to decorate glass windows

The set comes in a package of eight fluorescent colors. According to Gold Star Selections they are made with premium ink and will not drip, smudge or fade. The chalk markers come with a 6mm uniquely reversible tip that allows users to use both broad tip chalk markers as well as fine tip chalk markers.

According to Gold Star Selections, the eco friendly markers are made with quality ink that can be used to decorate windows in stylish patterns. Since they tend not to fade or smudge the images, messages and words written are usable for a long period until the user is ready for a clean slate. This makes the markers very suitable for holiday decorating, including, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Users can show off creative and innovative scenes to holiday visitors and neighbors during these festive seasons.

The broad tip chalk markers may be used to draw pumpkins for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, nativity scenes, Santa decorations and stars for Christmas and flashy seasonal pictures for the New Year’s. Users can try drawing flags, buntings and colorful firework stars for Independence. Parents can allow children to get creative and draw their own pictures as part of the holiday fun.

These broad tip chalk markers are not only suitable for window decorations during holiday seasons but to also spruce up nursery windows, windows for parties, and to write simple messages and inspirational words. Users can create enchanting scenes using cartoon characters or children toys for nurseries. Motivational words can be placed on windows to affirm the user or family members to start the day off on a right footing. Hosts of parties can transform their windows into colorful scenes that show spontaneity and uniqueness. Purchasers of the broad tip chalk markers can imagine multiple uses since the markers are so versatile.

In order to create the drawings or words on a glass window, users are recommended to firstly ensure the surface is clean and dry. Gold Star Selection advised that window panes should be wiped and dried with a clean cloth, before attempting to use the Fun Chalk broad tip markers. The broad tip chalk markers, the company highlighted, is most suited for getting pointed and clear lines and markings which can help to make something creative and innovative. After users are done displaying their design, they can simply use a damp cloth to remove markings from the window surface.

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Gold Star Selections was started in the spring of 2014. Husband and wife team, Tom and Kathy Kiroplis are very excited with their new company. Company is dedicated to providing consumers with top quality products, that are affordable and safe to use. Top priority is customer service. Making our customers happy makes us happy. First product launched was Fun Chalk liquid chalk markers. Interested in helping people of all ages and in all fields, exercise their imaginations through the use of art. Our philosophy is that our products should be inspirational and assist in making our customers lives better. Company will be selling all its products on Amazon . Can find many useful ideas of how to use these chalk markers on their Facebook Page, and Pinterest. Consumers who “like” our Facebook page will be given coupons to use on their purchases.

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