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( — July 30, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA –When pets are seriously injured on the weekend or after normal vet hours, an emergency animal hospital may be a lifesaver, especially when the facility can perform intensive emergency animal care such as surgery. Now, experts from Crossroads Animal Emergency facilities in Huntington Beach and Norwalk explain the facts about surgery at an emergency pet hospital and what owners should know when bringing their dog or cat to an emergency hospital for pets.

“When an owner has a pet emergency, a traditional animal hospital may not be open,” note these experts. “However, the pet may not be able to wait for the traditional veterinarian’s office to open. Therefore, an emergency animal hospital may be the only hope of saving a pet’s life, particularly if the animal needs immediate surgery.”

However, as experts at this animal emergency hospital as seen at point out, surgery at emergency pet care centers can be difficult for the pet parents. It is important for them to understand what is going to happen and to work with the staff to take the best care possible of the pet.

Surgery is often necessary when a pet has been hit by a car, attacked by another animal, eaten a foreign object, or suffers a serious infection. Pregnant animals may need emergency C-sections for a safe delivery. There are a multitude of reasons that a pet could need surgery, so it is important for owners to understand these needs and get the pet to the emergency hospital as soon as possible.

“I would tell owners not to hesitate if an animal is obviously in distress or has been injured,” note Crossroads Animal Emergency experts. “The sooner we see the pet, the better the chances are that we can save the animal’s life.”

About Crossroads Animal Emergency: With locations in both Norwalk and Huntington Beach, Crossroads Animal Emergency is a convenient and professional emergency veterinary service that can help dogs, cats and other pets who are sick or injured during non-traditional veterinary office hours. Dr. Wendy Buckle and her team work with patients to ensure top-quality care and the most positive outcomes possible for every animal.


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