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( — July 31, 2015) Boulder, CO — In local charity news, the non-profit organization known as myTeam Triumph will have a team representing them in this year’s IRONMAN Boulder Event on Sunday, August 2nd. Though there is a Rocky Mountain Chapter of myTeam Triumph, it’s the Wisconsin team that will actually be competing in the 2015 Boulder race. However, members from the Rocky Mountain crew will be on hand in order to help support and cheer them on.


The charity myTeam Triumph is an ever-growing athletic mentoring program that was created for kids, teens, adults and veterans with disabilities who would normally not be able to compete in endurance events. The organization’s primary goal is to provide these special people with the opportunity to be an active participant in exciting competitions such as this one.     


The IRONMAN is a renowned competition that takes place throughout the year in various locations around the world. IRONMAN Boulder is held each August in this seriously suitable city, as several pro triathletes call it home, plus it’s a popular destination for many other athletes of all kinds. Boulder’s health-conscious culture, wonderful weather, and breathtaking natural environment make it an ideal place for outdoor activities like these. The event is a ‘fit’ way to showcase this world-class field and scenic location at the foot of the fabulous Flatirons.  


Among the crew who will be attending this year’s event is the new full-time Executive Director of MyTeam Triumph Wisconsin, Christian Jensen. Christian will of course be accompanied by others including Captain Ian, who’ll be leading the All-Star team while being guided by Angels including Fireman Rob. The competitors with disabilities are known as Captains, and the athletes who have the privilege of pushing and pulling the Captains on the course are appropriately called Angels.


Christian Jensen is the one who actually founded the Wisconsin chapter and has been dedicated to serving the organization on a regular basis since 2010. In regards to Mr. Jensen’s new position, Tim Felmer, the board president of MyTeam Triumph recently stated, “We are thrilled to have Christian at the helm and know that his leadership and passion are going to help us make a bigger difference with our organization.”


The Wisconsin team is a statewide chapter of MyTeam Triumph Inc., which was founded in 2008. They currently serve five different regions of the state – Northeast, Milwaukee, Madison, Fox Valley and Wausau. Yet, the non-profit has big plans to expand its reach and make an impact throughout the entire state. For more information please visit the myTEAM Wisconsin website.


By participating in these types of events, the MyTeam Triumph charity continues to enrich the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities. So far, they have been successful at creating long-lasting, caring relationships through the teamwork environment of endurance athletics, yet, there’s always a need for athletes, Captains, and Angels. Therefore, if you would like to pledge your support, please visit the the main website to make a donation and/or find out more about what can be done to help their conscientious cause.  



myTEAM TRIUMPH is an athletic ride-along program and non profit charity created for children, teens, adults and veterans with disabilities who would normally not be able to experience endurance events such as triathlons or road races.


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