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( — August 2, 2015) Franklin, TN –“I’ve designed this program to inspire, educate and unite you and your team to meet the challenges of economic change and reinvent yourself in a dynamic marketplace.”

This is what world-renowned business leader Anthony Robbins promises for his Business Mastery seminar. Thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses have passed through the doors of this great leader whose symposium  has been devised and developed with some of the brightest business minds in the world.

One such company to adopt the business strategies of Robbins, is The Irish Gift, Inc ( which was founded by Éilís Crean.

Crean is an Irish ex-patriot who found herself drawn to the teachings of Robbins over three years ago. Since then she has immersed herself in his work and has embraced her entrepreneurial penchant by forming her own business.

“In the past few years, I have been captivated by Anthony Robbins’  philosophy on life. I have learned that we are meant to align with who we truly are at the core of our being. Anything short of that leads to a life of restlessness and disappointment” says Crean who has completed Anthony Robbins Mastery University and is preparing to attend Leadership Academy in a few weeks.

And creating her own business based on her life-long passion is true alignment for Crean, whose passion is a rare and old Irish music style called the East Galway Irish Music Tradition

“I am so grateful to my parents who worked very hard to give me the best educational opportunities. I have been blessed with advantage and good fortune in my medical career in Ireland and my healthcare IT consulting work in the USA. Yet the greatest gift of all were my weekly music lessons with Eddie Kelly and the hours of enjoyment that this music brought to me when I was growing up” continues Crean.

Eddie Kelly is a legendary fiddle-player and composer who was born in Eyrecourt, East Galway in Ireland. He later moved to Co. Roscommon where he and Crean’s father reconnected. Kelly is one of only six living musicians who are proponents of the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. He passed this tradition onto Éilís and she is his only student who remains true to this old style as taught by him during those weekly music lessons when she was growing up.

The Irish Gift, Inc (TIG) is an online education company that offers classes in the East Galway Irish Music Tradition as taught by Eddie Kelly. The broader scope of the company is to preserve all Irish traditions that are in danger of dying out.

The ultimate vision is to offer education on all distinctive Irish customs so that they will never be forgotten or cast away, that they will continue to be a living part of our world. An even deeper aspiration is to teach about a way of life when these traditions were the cornerstone of the Irish ethnology and culture not so many years ago. 

“These are such meaningful traditions, imbued with momentous intuition and ethics. They are emblems of a value-system handed down to us from our forefathers that taught us gratitude for the simple things in life. And we oftentimes forget or ignore this wisdom. And truth be told, we’d be better off if we remembered it as there is insight and balance in it” says Crean.

And it all starts with getting a clear vision of what you want in life and aligning your life with that vision.

As an Anthony Robbins Business Mastery graduate, The Irish Gift, Inc founder has learned that to dominate the market in any economy one must harness the powers of world-class marketing, a raving-fan customer base, and constant and strategic innovation. Crean now offers these strategies to other Irish companies that want to gain further exposure in the US media with her second company ( Her new  online video course called How To Your Your Passion Into Your Business is now available for purchase here.

Tony Robbins said that he wanted to inspire and educate all those who attend his Business Mastery seminar. He certainly seems to have done that and more for Crean and her team at The Irish Gift, Inc.

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