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(Newswire.net — August 4, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — “Thousands of years ago,” Andy Shaw explaind in a recent interview, “our minds were naturally built to succeed. Now, however, our minds have been robbed of that talent. From the modern education system, to the fast-paced world of work we’ve been forced to adapt to, we’ve lost sight of our success mind-set. My main goal is for everyone to have access to a thinking system that truly frees you from the struggles of life, and lets you get on with the things you really enjoy.”


Andy Shaw, a self-development entrepreneur, has touched the lives of thousands as his brand new Saltori Structured Thinking System, which forms the basis of his incredibly successful ‘A Bug Free Mind’ series, changes people’s whole way of life forever. “In short,” reviewer Jeff Meyer says, “this programme has absolutely transformed my life for the better. While it requires commitment and dedication, it’s well worth the journey. Really, what sets Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ apart, is that you deal with your limiting mind-set first, and as Andy Shaw describes it, you want to remove these software bugs from your brain. If you don’t do that, you’re just putting new knowledge on top of a broken system, which is exactly what gets us all into this mind-mess in the first place.”


The Saltori Structured Thinking System is designed to restructure the mind’s thought paths in order to process new information more efficiently. Instead of promoting the notion that more information means more knowledge, Andy Shaw instead teaches his users that processing information correctly is more important than just learning more and more facts. His system is split into bite-sized chunks, and can be tackled over any amount of time. “It’s completely flexible dependent on the user, whether they want to tackle it head-on, or incorporate it into their life a bit at a time, it’s designed to be flexible and help anyone and everyone around the world.”


Proven in over 130 countries worldwide, Andy Shaw’s system is a picture of success. Geoff Beattie suggests that the world would be a much better place if Andy Shaw’s system was taught in schools, explaining that he has tried so many different personal development books, with no success. He added: “I find that with Andy’s approach, things just click into place. He’s so blunt, but it’s so much more effective than other theorists, who just skirt around the issues instead of fixing them. His approach is fascinating in the way he reveals and unravels the “wrongs” that we have either been brought up to believe are true, or what we have just accepted as “The Norm”.”


Described as a ‘genius’, a ‘motivator’ and a ‘guru’, Andy Shaw’s new way of thinking is hitting the right chords with thousands of people worldwide. The first five chapters of his mind-altering new system are available as a complimentary starter pack online, on his website abugfreemind.com, and his online global network forum is available to join by searching for ‘A Bug Free Mind’ on facebook.com.







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