Customer Appraises Cost-Efficient Cookware Microwave Tool Said To Help Save Money

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( — August 6, 2015) Sanford, FL — Monika’s Marketplace’s new microwave cover has been highly praised and recommended by customers especially for the cost saving benefits.

A recent review received by one user, Tiah Mist, explained the cost-saving benefit of having the microwave cover. Teah Mist stated that she received the cookware microwave cover in a cardboard box which was stuffed with plastic wrapping. The reviewer expressed elation that the vendor, Monika’s Marketplace, used wrapping material to prevent their product from getting scratched during shipping. Overall, she was pleased with the condition of the microwave cover when it arrived.

The reviewer stated that she was excited to use the microwave cover since it can help her save the money she would spend on paper towels. She expressed that in the past she ended up using a lot of paper towels to cover her containers and plates while reheating food in the microwave oven. Having to use so many paper towels can add up when it comes to costs. In addition to having to use paper towels, they were not very effective and still had to spend time cleaning the oven afterwards.

Now instead of spending time cleaning the microwave, Mist commented that the cookware microwave cover could be quickly rinsed with soap and water and dried with a hand towel. She was also pleased that the microwave cover was made from BPA free plastic, an environmentally-friendly choice.
Mist shared that she first used the cover for reheating leftover food and soup in various sized containers and found that it saved her from having to clean up a splatter in the microwave oven afterwards.  She also expressed the soup tasted great after reheating and went as far as to say that it tasted better than when the same food had been reheated with paper towels covering it.

Teah Mist expressed why she loved the cookware microwave cover by Monika’s Marketplace as she believed it would help her to save from spending money on paper towels. She also liked that it made cleanup after using the microwave oven easier and was environmentally friendly. She said she would recommend the cookware microwave oven to anyone who reheated food in the microwave on a semi-regular basis.

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