Cookware Microwave Cover Gaining Traction With Users On Amazon

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( — August 7, 2015) Sanford, FL — The cookware microwave cover, as of the end of July 2015 amassed 426 customer reviews. Of this amount, some 76% of them have been five star ratings which indicates a high customer traction with the product. Five stars is the highest rating that any product on Amazon can receive.

One customer Jaime, who gave a five star rating, remarked about the cookware microwave cover, “Excellent product. It covers food completely. It has a usable handle that doesn’t get too hot. Will buy another one for a family member.”

Monika’s Marketplace announced that the handle of the cookware microwave cover allows the user to safely remove food from microwave without being scorched. They pointed out that the handle makes the cover easy to be removed from the plate it covers whether in the microwave or outside.

The company highlighted that their microwave cover has been lab tested and ensured to not contain BPA. Since it is BPA-Free, it will not release any harmful chemicals into the food it covers. They also mentioned cookware microwave cover is wide enough to fit over many standard dinner plates. It is also high enough to stop the microwave cover from being in direct contact with food being covered.

Another satisfied customer, Omaha Mom Reviews stated, “This can serve two purposes.

1. To keep your microwave clean while microwaving your food.

2. To keep your food warm until you’re ready to eat.

The other day I cooked noodles and I had to feed my baby girl first and left my noodles in the microwave, I thought for sure they’d be cold by the time I was done, but it was still warm. Noodles tasted as great as microwave noodles could taste.

Monika’s Marketplace announced that apart from being a safe way to prepare foods in the microwave, the splatter cover is fairly easy to clean. The microwave cover can be cleaned by handwashing with soap and water and dried by using a paper towel or a dry kitchen towel, or in the dishwasher.

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TopBPAFree is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home. Their microwave cover can be found on sold through Monika’s Markeplace.

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