12 Year-old Girl Smarter than Hawking and Einstein

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(Newswire.net — August 5, 2015) — A British schoolgirl was chartered among top most intelligent people in the world by achieving a higher IQ score than certified geniuses Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, Yahoo Parenting reported.

Twelve-year-old Nicole Barr, from Essex, scored an impressive 162 on her Mensa IQ test, reportedly two points higher than both Hawking and Einstein.

Communications manager for British Mensa, Ann Clarkson confirmed Nicole’s 162 score to Yahoo Parenting, adding “it ranks her in the top one percent of the population, so it is exceptional by any definition,” she says.

The young girl that comes from a traveling community made both her parents proud.

According to her mother, 34 year-old Dolly Buckland, described her daughter as extremely conscious girl that dreams to become a doctor.

“She’s a hard, hard working child. She stays after school for homework club and never misses a day,” Dolly said.

She further explained that Nicole has an inquiring mind. Even when she was little, Nicole was picking out mistakes in books and magazines. According to her mother, Nicole is always asking for extra homework

“She’s determined to finish school and go to college to be a pediatrician,” she said.

Nicole’s father James Barr, told Yahoo that his daughter is proof that brilliance can come from any background. Mr. Barr, who repairs driveways for a living, said her achievement has been shared around the traveling community with pride.

“It’s nice for us to be in the news for something good for a change. This shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from, anyone can be academically brilliant,” he said.

According to Mensa, any IQ score over 140 is considered genius level, while score 100 is considered normal IQ for adults.  Reportedly, eminent scientists Hawking and Einstein both scored 160 points.

“When I found out I got such a high score, it was so unexpected. I was shocked,” Nicole shared.

Nicole is in Year 7 at Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow, UK.