Leading Vancouver Based Corporate Training Firm Experiences Rapid Growth

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(Newswire.net — August 11, 2015) Vancouver, BC — Total Corporate Learning has recently announced a record year so far in serving the Vancouver market for business related training courses either in classroom or online.  It is a Vancouver based business that is dedicated to providing the type of transformative and inspiring learning experience that will be receptive to a large audience of various learning types, backgrounds, and experience.  The company specializes in training for Sage 300 ERP, Sage 50–Canadian,  and Excel spreadsheets.  Instead of just selling a static training product like so many other professional training companies are doing today, Total Corporate Learning still makes its mark on the landscape by providing an exceptional training service which is one of the main reasons why they are a corporate training company in Vancouver which has seen its sales increase instead of stagnate.


“It’s a competitive environment,” spokesperson William Wingson says.  “We are competing against not just other training companies, but canned videos that passes for training.  We have been able to stay ahead simply by providing a human touch.  Even our online courses are tailored to the people taking them.  Everyone learns differently and has a different background and level of experience.  If you don’t take that into consideration then you won’t be able to educate or train people and the money they put into the program is wasted.”


Total Corporate Learning offers in-house courses, consortium training, and online courses training so that they are able to cover all bases for those who need to better understand how to use the tools of their business in such a way as to either be contributive to their company or even get a job with a company.  These courses are created with the mission in mind, that someone is able to come out of the class or training program equipped to use Sage software or Excel in a business or corporate environment. 


“We do things a little differently here,” says Wingson “Where the more traditional training organizations are out there selling information; we’re here providing learning solutions.  Total Corporate Learning is all about providing those educational solutions that will advance individual and organizational performance.  At times this means partnering with other organizations or creating a bootstrap program focused on individual requirements.”


The company’s rise in popularity as a Sage 300 and 50 Training provider has as much to do with its business model as the particular type of training they provide.  Companies and individuals send people to training so that they actually come back able to perform, and if the training is insufficient—even if cheaper—they have lost money.  Total Corporate Learning’s focus on the mission and being able to provide training services that are also affordable and adaptable is why they are a rising corporate training company in Vancouver.


For more information about the company or its programs, visit its website at http://www.totalcorporatelearning.com

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We are dedicated to providing business learners and attendees with a transformative, inspiring, learning experience delivered in an engaging and practical manner. It is Total Corporate Learning’s policy to provide a full-service or one-stop shop solution to your technical and cultural training and development requirements. We deliver training courses on Sage 300 (Accpac), Sage 50 (Simply Accounting), and Excel.

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