Consumer Association Makes Demand For Federal Governments To Regulate Toy Security

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( — August 12, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — The Suffolk County Legislator recently became the latest to sign up to the Toxic-Free Toys act in New York, helping to regulate the hazardous chemicals found in toys that could eventually find their way into children. Whilst some groups actually considering this as a purely political act, Neil Speight, the main representative of the baby accessory brand Freddie and Sebbie, has a completely different viewpoint.


With Freddie and Sebbie having offered quality made kids accessories on their Amazon shop for 2 years now, co-founders Neil and Martin Speight have said that they have always held child safety at the center of each and every one of their products sold on Amazon. In a recent interview, Neil Speight added: “Personally, I feel that the latest political move made with the Toxic-Free Toys act is actually among the best things that could happen for the future of child safety, and does have my total support.”


It is a well-known fact that the owners of Freddie and Sebbie, who have 6 kids in between them, guarantee that each and every single item they make has been tried and tested by their own kids first. As a result, Neil mentions that they made certain all their products were toxic-free: “Kids are so imaginative, and we observed that whilst using a few of our accessories, they used them in ways we would never have actually thought of. Take for instance, our Bath Letters and Numbers set. As adults, we thought education. As kids, they thought something soft and spongy to put in our mouths! As a child’s accessory manufacturer, you just can’t cut corners at the cost of child safety.”


“Trustworthy, reliable businesses,” Speight continues, “that are in the business of genuinely providing a helping hand to parents, are undoubtedly going to be conscious about product safety. However passing this law will help to get rid of those who are in the business for a quick buck, who use unreliable materials and subsequently put countless kids in danger”. It seems like it’s great news for everybody, but parents should still be advised to have a look at reviews for everything they buy. “We’ve gotten hundreds of favorable reviews as a business on every single one of our items, and it’s that type of feedback you must look for to make sure you’re purchasing items from manufacturers that truly care,” Speight stated.


The Freddie and Sebbie Bath Letters and Numbers set has been officially tested as 100 % Phthalate, BPA and Lead free, and with an average 4.8 star review from a possible 5, it is clear to see that they are a hit with adults and children alike. The whole Freddie and Sebbie range has been specifically tested, by both their own brand testers and strenuous Amazon security testers before sale. Their completely toxic-free range is available to see on their site,, or their US online Amazon Marketplace shop.


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