“A Bug Free Mind” Inspires Cure For WW2 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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(Newswire.net — August 13, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — Andy Shaw, a self-development expert, renowned in over 130 countries worldwide for his unique self help teaching methods, has been praised by WW2 blitz survivor, Andrew Wray, for finally curing the post-traumatic stress disorder that had deeply affected his life for more than thirty years. 


In 1981, an IRA bomb in London sent Wray into a state of shock. Not only was this close proximity to the explosion enough to put any man on edge, but the direct experience awakened an old fear in him. He had a flashback to a VII bomb landing just 150 yards from his home in 1944, and he remained in the same state of fear that he had felt during WW2 for the next thirty years. After visiting psychologist after psychologist, Wray began to give up hope, feeling that his mind had completely rewired itself, and the damage had become permanent. 


However, in December 2012, Andrew Wray uncovered the bugs in his mind that had taken over his life, and with the help of Andy Shaw’s “A Bug Free Mind” program, Wray finally found the life that he had always been looking for. Speaking of his experience in a bug free mind review, Wray said: “I have worked on myself with some very competent and powerful psychotherapists – some of the most highly respected of their profession – and I have benefited significantly from their input.” 


However, he goes on to explain that their methods were limiting – the new approaches to life they suggested worked reasonably well, but after reading “A Bug Free Mind,” he realized that they were just layering their advice over a broken mind. He added: “Now, with my ability to have a mind that’s totally bug free at the start of each new day”, he continues, “I can get on with, and enjoy, being the ‘me’ I always knew I could be.” 


Andy Shaw’s self development program is designed to be as flexible as possible, providing help to anyone and everyone. “No one is perfect,” Shaw states, while adding: “That’s the beauty of being human. But sometimes difficulties can be overwhelming, and instead of taking a step back to fix the problem, we try to move forward and pretend it’s not there. As a result, life just builds on top of all the remnants of past difficulties, until the mind is so full of bugs it can barely function. Whether you suffer from a hugely destructive bug like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or just find your patience wears a bit thin every now and then, this system is designed with you in mind.” 


Andy Shaw’s self development program strives for users to understand their bugs, and understand themselves in the process, in order to live a life as it’s supposed to be lived. A Bug Free Mind” is presented over a series of written chapters and videos, the first five of which can be found for free on his website, abugfreemind.com.




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