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( — August 14, 2015) Osaka, Osaka-fu — Two of the special music pieces created by SurgingLife, one entitled “Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration” and the other entitled “Peaceful Sleep Induction” have been pressed into CD format and released via Amazon. This follows a large number of requests from Facebook users who were introduced to the first piece via the brands YouTube channel.

Early Release Requested By Facebook Users

The founder of SurgingLife had been planning the release of CDs at a much later date, though upon receiving hugely positive feedback from followers and fans decided to bring the release date forward so that users could enjoy the benefits of the music sooner. All of which follows his ethos of aiding people worldwide to achieve joyful living with ease.

Both pieces of music have special brainwave frequencies embedded within them to aid listeners in achieving the intended states with ease and comfort. Allowing them to just relax back and flow with their minds and bodies as the brainwave entrainment carries them to the particular place where the greatest benefit is achieved.

“Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration” CD

The “Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration” piece flows on from another similarly titled piece containing Theta brain wave frequencies which was developed for use with the special AromaTouch technique, the feedback from therapists being that both they and their clients became deeply relaxed and able to enjoy even deeper more holistic healing than previously. As such the piece was adapted in order to create a version that was more beneficial and relaxing for users within the home.


On listening to this piece during the open test phase Florence Leonardo Waugh had this to say “I just love this one do much Where can I get a cd if this to play at home???”, with Irma Lerma saying purely that it was “Beauitful music” and Fran Catdancer Mitchell said “Just loved this”. These are just a few of the many hugely positive comments given in feedback to the piece.

“Peaceful Sleep Induction” CD

The “Peaceful Sleep Induction” is brainwave music for sleep and contains Isochronic tones sleep frequencies within the delta brain wave range. Testers and those fortunate to purchase the CD at its release at the Iyashi mind body event in Osaka on the 8th of August have feedback that they were able to fall into deep sleep within the first few minutes of listening to the 60 minute piece. Something which was taken as being extremely positive.

Developed For Ease Of Listening And The Best Results

Both tracks have been developed containing Isochronic tones and Monaural beats meaning that they can be used via both speakers and headphones as the listener wishes. The reasoning for this move was two fold.

Firstly by choosing these sound forms the listener was able to use either speakers or headphones as they wish. This is good for the scenarios of both in that by using speakers to listen greater comfort and thus relaxation is possible. When using the Homeostasis CD it allows users to listen and move freely within their home for example, relaxing on the couch or wherever free from the distraction concerning earphones coming out or falling off. Whilst by using speakers and a stereo with a sleep function the listener can move their head and body to attain maximum comfort free from concerns of being woken by earphones coming out or becoming tangled.

The Second and in some ways more important point is that these sound forms are noted as being more effective than the widely used Binaural beats. Whilst Binaural beats have been noted as being effective for sleep (see, their real power lies in the upper frequency ranges of Gamma and Beta. Binaural beats have noted as being less effective at the lower end of the spectrum than Isochronic tones and Monaural beats, the latter types being noted as becoming stronger in terms of the responses achieved within Theta and Delta. As such these sound forms are used to gain maximum response with the brainwave frequencies used, and thus aid the listeners in achieving the best results possible.

Amazon Dependability

The choice by SurgingLife to make the CDs available via Amazon was all to do with giving people the most dependable way of acquiring them. Amazon has been noted as being one of the most trusted brands in the world with a strong reputation for its fulfilment and delivery. As such the choice of how to fulfil customer orders was a simple one due to the requirement of giving all SurgingLife users the best possible experience possible and positively influencing their lives.

More To Come From SurgingLife.Com

SurgingLife.Com has more coming for all its users around the world and is keen to aid people in positively changing their lives, improving their mental health and achieving a greater experience of joyful living as quickly as possible. Whilst the CDs are currently available via things are in motion to make them more accessible to users with the USA and Europe. Alongside this further releases are in development too and will be made available to users in the most timely manner possible. Those interested in discovering about releases first can do with ease via the brands facebook page. Those seeking positive life changes are also recommended to use the resources available via the website at and its YouTube channel.

About SurgingLife

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