Multiplication Flash Cards Said To Be Ideal For Keeping Kids Engaged With Math Concepts

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( — August 18, 2015) Saratoga, FL — Simply Clever Cards recently posted on their Facebook page about a study from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) that involved counterintuitive results geared at discussing Curiosity and Connections.

The study by NCTM was based on generating talking points about scoring and weighted averages in Mathematics. Simply Clever Cards then used the study to show that their Flash Cards were a good tool in engaging students to practice mathematics in a fun way.

According to NCTM, “Repeated practice may be necessary for developing skills but is unlikely to make conceptual ideas stick. An idea is more likely to stick if students are mathematically engaged while learning it.”

This result highlighted that classroom and homeschooling of children in arithmetic can allow students to acquire some skills. It also showed that engaging kids in games or using an interesting technique, such as the use of these novel Flash Cards – which are especially developed for game playing, in contrast to regular Flash Cards, will garner more helpful results.  According to the outcome of this study, Simply Clever Cards believe that children will not only learn and reinforce the operations of arithmetic but will also grasp the concepts behind them and understand them when they use their Multiplication Flash Cards. 

The NCTM study stated, “When students can connect mathematical ideas, their understanding is deeper and more lasting.”  Simply Clever Cards highlighted that their Multiplication Flash Cards can be used just for that purpose as a learning toy for children aged 7 years and older. As children tend to forget concepts, the company encouraged that parents allow them to keep practicing math while they are on break from school.

The company proclaimed that the Multiplication Flash Cards are an interesting way to teach kids core standard knowledge in arithmetic and to get them enthused to learn more.  Although the cards were designed for educational purposes, owing to the color-coded design, they can be used as regular playing cards to enjoy games such as War, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Go Fish, Memory and UNO, making them practical to take on road trips, while camping or even on the beach.

Each deck comes with 52 cards numbered 0-12 using four different colors and four Jokers. There is a free electronic guide included with each package purchase that teachers and parents can use with children for educational activities.

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