Extra Large Outdoor Blanket With Waterproof Backing Now Available Online

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(Newswire.net — August 18, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — A new-age outdoor blanket has been designed and launched online by BeautyBuddy’s. The extra-large outdoor blanket features a waterproof backing which the company said is designed to help prevent users from getting wet from surfaces such as damp grass and in various settings such as the beach as well as otherwise travel-worn surfaces.

BeautyBuddy’s announced that their blanket provides a protective layer to cushion the user for extra comfort and for keeping them dry and warm, which they said is ideal for various environments. The extra-large outdoor blanket that features a waterproof backing has an upper surface of 100% soft fleece that the company said can add to the comfortable experience especially when being used for long periods.

According to BeautyBuddy’s, the extra-large outdoor blanket can serve as a waterproof picnic mat that users can spread out anywhere and be sure that it is safe and comfortable. They highlighted that the blanket can also serve as a camping mat for school or family outdoor trips.

According to BeautyBuddy’s, the extra-large outdoor blanket can become a blanket for beach trips or for events held on a lawn. They also mentioned that the blanket is particularly ideal for travelling, sporting events and outdoor concerts and events.

This particular blanket is a large-sized mat measuring 50 x 58 inches that is able to cover a wide cross section, making it a prime choice for outdoor events. The company announced that their blanket can also be conveniently folded up along with a handle to be carried. They mentioned that the large blanket can fold to a small purse size, measuring about 12 inches.

One top 500 reviewer on Amazon, JWink, commented, “The blanket rolls up and has Velcro for keeping it together along with a handle for carrying. Once rolled up, it is compact and easy to take with you. The blanket is soft and comfortable to sit on… Overall this is a decent quality picnic blanket that works well for picnics, the beach or other outdoor uses.”

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