New Lint Roller from SuperiorMaker Designed to be Multi-Purpose Item

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( — August 19, 2015) Auckland, Auckland — SuperiorMaker’s lint roller is considered ideal for pet hair, and has been classed as a best seller in the associating category on Amazon, but is said to be good in other situations as well. The sticky sheets of the rolls can pick up fuzz, dirt and dust, lint, and crumbs from clothes, furniture, other household items, and office and car surfaces. Each roll contains 100 perforated pieces for easy pick up and disposal when the sheet has collected enough.

“I used this lint Roller and it [quickly] removes lint, dust and pet hair from clothing. I love how easy they are. I am so glad that this lint roller is perfectly safe for use on the finest fabrics, the special quality adhesive tape picks up more lint than any other my previous lint rollers tested and will not transfer onto fabric,” said Nirali Shah, a verified Amazon customer.

The pet hair removing lint roller also provides greater convenience than a vacuum cleaner and eliminates the need for a dry cleaner in some instances. Furthermore, it is fully portable because it stores easily and the stickiness of the sheets can be preserved with the reusable plastic provided, allowing it to be taken on trips.

Sally Grace, another verified Amazon customer, said,“They go where vacuum cleaners don’t! I use mine in the laundry to swipe across clothing when I’m ironing to get rid of unwanted fluff and they are absolutely FANTASTIC for the boot of my car when I’ve been at golf and all those little bits of dead grass etc. won’t drop off the trundler until you’re on the way home”

The five-pack lint rollers from SuperiorMaker are available on Amazon and are sold with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Gift wrapping is also available if they are to be used as a gift.

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